Soooooo happy!

(haunt_house) #1

I have just downloaded Publisher and the enhancements are soooo great. The better constraints, the hex values, the boolean operations, the new rotation features. And Suzanne.

Those are the things I ´d like to see first in future releases. Enhancement of the modelling capabilities (extrude, subdivide and snap need a lot of work)

And finally I have got my new guitar. Sounds awfully great. Should model it some day.


(SGT Squeaks) #2

Sweet, I wish I could play the guitar!!! oh, and get working on modeling it!! :smiley:

BTW, what kind of guitar is it?

(Dittohead) #3

a warning to you:


(haunt_house) #4

SGT Squeaks: Don´t wish it, just do it. Buy an old guitar, or borrow one and then start to play. Okay, it might be better to take lessons, but on the other hand, some of the better guitarists never had them (classical guitarists are another case). It will be hard at the beginning, because your fingertips will hurt, but this will disappear. Being able to make music enriches your life.

My old one is a 81 Ibanez Blazer.
My new one looks like this (the color is better)
Does it look familiar to anyone?

dittohead: I must have done something wrong. It didn´t crash. Sorry.

(Dittohead) #5

must be windows prob.

(Grizzly69) #6

I don’t know who makes it, but that looks like a replica of the guitar Brian May made with his father. I knew that before I saw the Brian May signature on the headstock. Cool guitar. Wish I had one. :smiley:

(kaktuswasse) #7

cool guitar!! I wish I had one like that. I only have a stratocasta-like ,but hey, it’s ok :wink:

cya henrik

(haunt_house) #8

A friend of mine lent me the money. And if I do not open a gold mine, it will take at least app. 9 months to pay it back (bread-and-water- time). But it is a nice feeling to get trusted and to justify that trust (oh god my poor english). There is no doubt he will get it back.

Burns is manufacturing them in Korea. I must admit that you can see that if you take a closer look.

I took a schematic from a Vox Treble Booster, bought parts for 9 Euro and soldered it. Worked right away (sooooo happy, and lucky). I once tried to make a little practise amp. Never produced a single sound.

A treble Booster is really needed to sound at least a bit like Queen. Best would be a Greg Fryer though. This guy is incredible.

The wiring of the guitar is very interesting. If someone wants to improve the tonal capabilities of his guitar, try to find a wiring diagram of the red special. The pickups are in series, each one can be turned off or have his phase reversed. Which means very thick or clear sound. Costs are six switches.

A VOX AC30 is way out of range for me at the moment (1500 Euro). But I´ve got a nice digital amp with a VOX AC15 and a Matchless Chieftain emulation. It does not sound completely like the original, but it sounds okay.

As soon as I have an idea for my opening page, I will complete my website and put some samples on it.

Damn, I wanted to use, but have you ever visited I don´t want to get confused with that (especially referring to those nice torches).

There are some people on the net, who made everything themselves, a Red Special, a VOX AC30 and the treble booster, very impressive.

I wouldn´t have the slightest idea how to precisely place the frets. And thinking of a tube amplifier´s inside…

Someday I will make my own instrument. Not another Red Special but my very own. Maybe I start with an electric violin. Has no frets!

But I am equipped for the moment and the skin on my fingertips is getting thick again.

Only thing I miss is a second delay to start a little brighton rock solo insanity.