Sopwith Camel

My first real, self done, all by my lonesome, render and model and scene.

Please critique.(kind comments would be nice:)) But constructive criticism will be well taken and applied. Thank you!
I have been really working with Blender for about 6 months. I started following tutorials from Andrew Price at blenderguru. I have only dabbled with it before that. But I just made this over the past couple weeks, and wanted to get some constructive criticism. I am still learning, and I actually made a similar render as my first one, but it had no compositing, was less detailed, terrible materials, and was a whole lot more terrible. I can also post a video flyby of the plane if you want.
The video flyby took a while to render, and it has a few flaws, but I had already rendered it 3 times, and I didn’t want to again.
The sun changes colors from white to a slight yellow midway through, but it is not commercial, so I figured whatever.

Nice first project. Nice camera angle. Like the details like ribs on the wings. Would like to see the flyby.


It might be nice to show some greenish light reflecting on the underside of the wings to bring up the light levels there; compress the tonal range.

Well you know what… That is pretty darn good and a great attempt at what is a fairly difficult scene/subject to pull off.
I will start with the modelling…
From what I can see you have the base model nailed, of course there is room for improvement. Maybe thin out the struts between the wings so that they are more aerodynamic. There are a few details missing which could be added but they aren’t overly important.
You seem to have the materials and textures done fairly nicely. Maybe add some weathering or grime? It looks incredibly clean at the moment. Overall, good job.

As for the background… The sun is far too prominent in the image. It is drawing the viewers attention away from the subject matter which is the plane. Maybe reduce its brightness and make it look more subtle? Perhaps move it down a little or up into a corner. The background image could be higher res and possibly have more clouds to give the image an atmospheric look to it.

To be honest, you have the basis of the image nailed, you just need to tweak a few things, that’s all.

Really well done!

Okay, thanks! I haven’t gotten any good comments until just now!

@sundialsvc4 I will do some re-rendering and try and add in the greenish light.
@Porkfist I will while I am adding the lighting, I will try and reduce the sun and add some weathering.
Thanks for the comments!