SOR object from imported path?


I’m currently working on an accurate model of the Solar System in PoV-Ray… and thus, I want to model asteroids and irregularly shaped small moons according to space probe images with Blender.

So I started with Saturn’s inner small moon Atlas, took a Cassini image and made a path from its outline using The GIMP. I exported this SVG path to Blender… and now I would like to know whether it’s possible to generate a “Surface of Revolution” object by rotating this path around the z axis. As I’m not very familiar with Blender, I nowhere found any modifiers or tools to do this…

See you in Khyberspace!


you can try the spin or screw tool. here’s a link to the Blender manual entry on basic tools. scroll down the page about halfway to see the spin tool used to make a wine glass.

In 2.5, you can try the screw modifier.