Sorcar (formerly ProcGenMod) - Procedural modeling in Blender using Node Editor

yes, and export that as phyton code to make an addon, imagine if people without programming skills would be able to create scripts and export them as an addon for blender and put them on the ui, just like houdini and HDAs!! a blender engine would be so amazing as well!

Dupliverts and duplifaces /Instances can this be done in the future

What about @Jacques_Lucke “everything node project”?
Shouldn’t you guys get in touch to avoid possible double work?


Wow! This is amazing.

Out of curiosity, can this system be used to make something similar to Zbrush’s Insert Mesh brushes? I’ve got a project coming up where I’ll need to make a lot of repeated shapes (belts with buckles) and was thinking it would be amazing if I could use something like what Zbrush has where you can set up a Start > Middle > End mesh and it will repeat the middle part for as far as you draw the curve/spline. I couldn’t find anything like that for Blender but this seems like it might have a chance. Am I wrong?

Take a look to mifttools : MifthTools Addon for the moment only Blender 2.79b

EverythingNodes is an awesome project, and I can’t wait for it to be released. Hopefully, @Jacques_Lucke can create an automated system of creating nodes as opposed to the manual work I’ve been doing for the last month :pleading_face: Also, he mentioned that he was planning to bring modifiers to nodes, which I already have completed, so there may be a slight overlap of functionality of the addon.
As to getting in touch with him, I’ll send him an email and ask for his views on this.


You don’t need anything other than Array and Curve modifiers (not even ProcGenMod). You can select the “Start Cap” and “End Cap” mesh in the array modifier and select the spline in the curve modifier.

EDIT: But to answer your question, you CAN use this system to create belts with buckles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

omg, how did I miss those?! I’m a total dork. :frowning: Thank you!!

Hello aachman98 , I have a feature request if it’s possible … to automatically apply the modifiers for further operations on the resulting topology , let’s say that i want to bevel a particular edge that results from a boolean operation. would it be possible ? also would be nice to create a node group , and to create references between values in diferent nodes, i´ve tried to add a driver from one value socket to another but it doesn’t work.

i’ve seen you added new nodes , that’s great man!!

I took a look at that video, and I have only the haziest idea of what you’re doing, I’m completely new to all this “node-based” stuff :slight_smile: , but - it LOOKS AWESOME!! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, man! :slight_smile:

Yes, of course! This already is a feature of ProcGenMod. Every modifier is applied the instant you connect the node or preview the mesh in realtime. Check this out:

  1. Bevel modifier (on the left)
  2. Selected a resulting edge (Used manual selection node)
  3. Applied bevel operation (not modifier) on that edge
  4. Boolean modifier (after converting it back to object mode)

Now, changing any value (either modifier or operator node) works as you would expect.

Cheers :smile:

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Visual programming is being used in many different areas like programming (UE4 blueprints), shader building (Unity shader graphs), material authoring (Substance Designer)…
Even blender has its fair share of node based utilities (shader/texture/compositing). It basically helps a user to put together little scripts of code without actually programming.

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Thanks! I actually am aiming for Houdini SOPs and hoping to replicate them inside Blender, but if you want something that resembles Grasshopper then check out Sverchok addon (


I think there is a problem with the bevel profile if you for example want to make round corners for the vertices or maybe i do it the wrong way , can you take a look to it :smiley:

Thanks for pointing it out! I fixed it and updated the repository. I also added a “Split” node to split the active component.

Now it should work correctly. Also, you don’t have to change the mesh to Object mode and back to Edit mode in order to change the mode type. Use the “Change Component Mode” node instead.

EDIT: I extended your node network to create my first ever low poly weird looking buildings using ProcGenMod :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Excellent, thanks for the fix and the tip for change component node :smiley:
Another basic example : just to try this nice addon

Looks, amazing! Will there be 2.8 version?

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Where can i report some small minor bugs :grinning:

This is something I am wondering myself. I did go through the 2.8 documentation, but it is still being updated quite frequently. Without proper docs on the new collection system and multi-edit, it would be difficult for me to port it over without introducing major flaws. Also, EverythingNodes may be released as a default feature in 2.8 or 2.81 so you wouldn’t even need ProcGenMod later.