Sorcar - Procedural modeling in Blender using Node Editor

Sorcar noob question:
Is there a way to select all objects in the scene?

I cant create them myself and work from there because they are created by an python script or already part of the scene.

Select all as script expression doesnt seem to work. when I evaluate it, nothing happens.

Try to add array modifier and then any other modifier after the array one. I get error messages and red colored nodes.

My guess Sorcar modifiers nodes need to be updated

Hello! I love this addon, it is super cool :smile:

I have a question is it possible to get the edge length of a currently selected edge? Would be super helpful e.g. in order to decide how many loop cuts to make.


edit: by the way in 2.90 the boolean modifier doesn’t seem to work…

Add-on looks really great. Congrats on all the hard work. I have some experience with Rhino’s Grasshopper and it would be great to work similarly in Blender.
Downloaded and installed correctly on 2.9 in OSX Mojave.
Tried simple booleans between a sphere and a cube. Switched around which objects were going into the different inputs of the boolean node. Tested out the different boolean operations available in the boolean node. Got some errors during these tests but no crash. Added a simple subsurf mod after the boolean. Was going to try changing different parameters in the other nodes and see how the preview would update. Crash.
Are booleans broken for now in this setup?
I have the crash report and errors in case they help.

Don’t forget to also check out Sverchok and Animation Nodes to round out the Grasshopper experience. BTW, Sverchok is Cricket in Russian, a direct nod to Grasshopper.

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Can Sorcar make random objects be instanced on faces or vertexes of another one, not just same object?
Or array of random objects along a curve?

Does anyone know if @aachman98 is still active in developing Sorcar? I see he’s not posted here in nearly half a year and was just curious.

And a question does anyone know how to suppress the long string of console messages from Sorcar so I can see the top of my startup-sequence or maybe someone can tell me how to scroll higher when the console window won’t scroll no more.



Download the Fix here: [BUG]Bevel Is not working - Sorcar (

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Wow is this done with Sorcar?


I’ve just discovered the Sorcar Add-on. First, Aachman98, THANKS for all the huge works you put in this. It fits perfectly for what I need to do, which partially consists in creating vegetation “generator” in a non-destructive way, with some randomness and animation facilities.

Anyway, can someone tell me where I can find a global tutorial about it ?

I’m having weird issues : proportionnal editing is not disabled after the next connected node (“Only connected” checked, I have to put a proportional node where I want it to be disabled with a value of .001) and btw it behaves in a weird way, and some weird faces are created along the way (which are not created by modelling “manually” with the exact same process).

Here is an example of those weird faces :


This is the node setup (very linear and basic, I’m just discovering the thing) :

Is there something I’m missing ?

Thanks guys

You need to use “Nothing” as the fill type option while creating a circle if you need the Fill Grid node afterward. Otherwise, it will somehow “add” lopp-cuted faces onto the existing circle or object.

Hi. Excellent work on Sorcar! I’ve only just discovered it. I’m trying to replicate something I was doing in Houdini. I have alembic mesh animations that I would process procedurally.

I thought I could just use the custom object input and select the alembic file, but then when I do this, I loose the animation, because the original object is deactivated and (I think) the animation doesn’t update. Is there another way? I am new to Blender too so there is maybe something else I am not getting.

For the geometry nodes, there is a modifier that can be used to loop through the geometry nodes. Would a similar way of doing things work with sorcar, so that the original mesh in the alembic is updated with every frame, continually refreshing sorcar’s input.

Thanks for any tips! And keep up the incredible work, very exciting.

Nevermind, I figured it out. I had to turn on realtime. Now it works!

I would now like to figure out how to select unshared edges, as I would in Houdini with a Group sop.