Have been working on this all they long… even forgot to eat breakfast… :slight_smile:
old image:
new image (added fire!):

used the technique described in Issue 16 of for the fire:

The character was made with Makehuman.
I modeled the clothes and the hair (these new 2.46 features are awsome!).

Next: Modeling monsters she plans to burn…:evilgrin:

changed a bit the fire balls, and some postprocessing with the gimp.

looks cool :slight_smile:

Will you give her sandals or smt like that? Otherwise, awesome work so far, keep it up!
P.S. You might want to try illuminating her eyes…

one demon coming up.

He will need armor and a huge weapon.

@temujin143 - thanks.

@Lwerewolf - I’m still thinking about her feet… probably would be greek sandals or something. I illuminated her eyes slightly btw.

Great WIP - keep it up!

decided to put the demon elsewhere to make room for a more detailed creature perhaps.

Man that’s sweet, except maybe you want to put 1 of her feet flat on the ground? - she seems a bit disbalanced at the moment. But this is really nice - waiting for updates!

@GRoss - that’s because she is floating :). I hope that once I’ll add the ground it would be more obvious.

started modeling a new demon:

but it looks too dinosaur like… I tried making it more evil, but still it’s too barney like (ok, maybe an evil barney…):

I like the monster. Looks cool.

Looks pretty demon-like to me, waiting to see it textured. Nice work!