Sorry, but I don't get it, have to ask

(IngieBee) #1

I’ve been thinking it would come to me, but it hasn’t. I figure it’s French? But can anyone please tell me what Elysiun means? I just can’t take it anymore :x been wondering a while :-?

Thanks all, Ingie :wink:

(gargola) #2

??? :o don’t know! :-? :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile: 8) oops! is just that those smilies are cute he he! :slight_smile:

(Green) #3

Greek mythology stuff.
Afterlife paradise.
You spend your time in a big ass field eating grapes all day long :slight_smile:

(STEMax) #4


I don’t know exactely what “elysiun” means but it’s not French…

(Timothy) #5

green ya man

(Detritus) #6

Mmmm… Grapes… Hope they have pineapples too…

(IngieBee) #7

Pineapples? Grapes? Man, where’s the chocolate??? I’m not going unless you bring the CHOCOLATE!!!

wait, … pineapples, coconut, rum, lemons… a little water…

This could be good too…

Thanks, Ingie

(Pooba) #8

What about mangos?!

(Timothy) #9

how about some nice women

(pofo) #10

you think only men get to go to paradise? :o

…in that case I don’t wanna go

  1. pofo

(joecool) #11

actually, the mythology is
I think anyway…
elysium with an m. I don’t know. Maybe it varies, or maybe no one cares so they just interchange them. But I think it is supposed to be with an m.

and it’s a pre- Hell paradise.
that’s kind of an oxymoron though…pre hell paradise…geez…

(blengine) #12

forget the nice women! gimme some O’ dem pineapples!!! woo!
pre hell paradise? then why did hercules want all of his loved ones to go there in that tv show?? could it be possible that hollywood isnt truthful to us? :wink:

(rivenwanderer) #13

Well I thought it was the Elysian fields, and that most people went to Hades when they died {boredom at best, utter torment at worst} but if you were really special like a king or a product of a god/mortal marriage or something like that you went to the elysian fields. Or something.

(gargola) #14

pre-hell??? first they feed you with grapes and then they send you to hell??? :-? well,after all it’s only a myth. :slight_smile:

ps: ingie:make sure to bring the grapes,lemons,mangos,pineapples…wwwhhhhhhhoooooooo!!!.. everything you got to the party!! he he he! :wink:

(Timothy) #15

there are like 20 ways to spell it

(blengine) #16

there are like 20 ways to spell it

wait wait! dont tell me! lemme try and find em…

  1. elysiun
  2. elysium
  3. elysian
  4. elysian
  5. eelysiun
  6. eelysium
  7. eelysian
  8. eelysian
  9. eeelysiun
  10. eeelysium
  11. eeelysian
  12. eeelysian
  13. eeeelysiun
  14. eeeelysium
  15. eeeelysian
  16. eeeelysian
  17. eeeelysiun
  18. eeeeelysium
  19. eeeeelysian
  20. panasonic

whoa… i got em all :wink:
ask me again what i do with my free time? 8)

(pofo) #17

Um… what do you do with your free time?
Just curious :smiley:

  1. pofo

(blengine) #18

read the dictionary =)
im just at the climax!

hmm, but seriously? i dont have much free timenext to blender and skateboarding, but when im not doing them i draw, meditate, and think of new arguments that i cane have with myself, lol…i usually lose though =(

(DaniHell) #19

WHAT?? Lots of fruits and no booze?? What paradise is that??

(gargola) #20

DaniHell: pre-hell remember? you only get grapes! he he he! :wink: