Sorry, but I need some suggestions.

What’s the best way to have my robot go up & down inclines without falling through the floor?

This is level 1 of my upcoming “Static Shock!” game:
Here are a couple of screens:

Here’s the .blend file so you can see what I mean:
The controls & all other info is included with the file.

I will have a look and see what i can do

But did u make the robot a dynamic actor proberly…yes but did u?

i tried out the game, looking very good and playable BTW, anyway I didnt have the problem with the bot falling through the floor at all, was thinkng maybe you have a slow computer that doesnt calculate the collisions fast enough, try upping the tic rates.

Also might be nice to have the bot be a invisible box with rigid body then all the looks inside the box, that way it will actually rotate the bot to the inclines angle rather than have the front, back legs hanging in the air.

I used blender 2.41 P4 2.5Ghz 512Mb DRAM Window$ XP

good luck :smiley:

The box might help with the falling through the floor problem, too. Otherwise try using a sphere bound

Enabling “Rigid Body” fixed one problem but caused another. When the game starts, the box & robot are both shaking/jittering like crazy. Is there some way of fixing this?

Set the damp at .999 set the rot damp at about .9. Use the box boundary. Armatures have a weird effect on the game engine and it’s better to not have them mixed up with a rigid body, but that’s the best I can do when I use one.