Sorry, but is there any point to the BGE?

I just assume this has been discussed over and over but I can’t help bringing it up again.

Why maintain the BGE when the free version of Unity is better? Just guessing though, I haven’t explored it properly but judging from the fact that there are 30+ paid people developing Unity and… 3 (?) actively (?) working on the BGE I’d
say the BGE is dead in the water. Blender is so great at doing everything else and since Ton has no desire in
pushing the BGE why not just brake away the BGE in to it’s own project, similar to BlendELF.
There’s no reason Blender have to do everything (it has no support for making music scores for instance).
Is it time for a classical “kill your darling” decision? Make Blender cleaner and move over any useful tool from the GE?

BGE… R.I.P. 2013 ???

What is the point of using a game at all? You can go out in nature. It is much more interactive as any electronic device you can buy ;).


Theres an App for that…

What’s the point of you? There are other, better people and your family is doing so great elsewhere!

In all seriousness, I honestly can’t tell if you’re trolling or not. Look at the Game Engine forum, it’s used - actively. This suggests people enjoy using it, so why would it be scrapped? People use it to make money.

This is what your approach seems to me;
Why should there be anything else? There is already something good, don’t make anything else. This one magic thing has everything.


Just guessing though,

really hurts your argument!

I love it when folks decry something they’ve not read/seen/tried.

People use it, ergo it has value.

I’m puzzled too, how can you say that unity is better when you admit to not having tried BGE; it’s different is something you can state and be confident of being correct. Anything else makes you a troll.

Also, the free Version of Unity is definitely not »better«, it just has other Capabilities: While it may have faster Rendering, some People find it easyier to use (crazily), you cannot, for Example, write your own 2d-Filters with it… in Fact, you have to pay the full priced Version for a poor Grayscale Filter. (It is indeed a Point that I pick on quite often, I admit.)

Also, you are wrong: Blender can be used for generating Music, in Realtime. The aud Module supports Possibilities to generate Sinewaves, to set Pitch Values, Low and Highpass, etc., and you may load actual Sound Samples also. Etc. . The Music Control Possibilities of Unity and free Unity are quite limited: While they offer Support for Tracker Modules (my Music, SolarLune’s Sort of too), you can just play them but not control the Channels’ Volumes or jump to specific Patterns – the Hell!? (I guess People have forgotten about these Tracker Modules too much – Unreal Engine cannot play them anymore and People think that SunVox Projects actually are such…)

Also, the better Blender’s Realtime Capabilities, the easier and faster you can render an entire Movie. Unreal Engine and the CryEngine are used to make Films without long Rendering Process – in Fact, you can do that with BGE as well to some Degree.

Wow a great hit into bge’s heart! Daniel has a point, but if we would start a ‘kickstarter’ and ask devs to work on bge for cash ,i am sure we can find some.

Can you do this with the free version of Unity?

I thought so, now shush.

I was just about to reply with a bit of rant, but RossBlenderArt managed to compress what I had to say. You posted this on an active forum for the thing that you stated as pointless??? Come on man.

If, you had put the effort in and gone through the whole process of making a game with the bge, then put across a thought out argument as to why you think the bge is lacking compared to other engines, then fair enough. No one can take that away from you. I am also not sure if your trolling or not, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your not.

I have used Unity and I think its a great engine. But the very fact that the bge is integrated with the ‘main’ side of blender is its biggest strength to me. Being able to edit models, rig characters and texture everything all in the same application that you create the game logic is priceless. This is the main reason I moved away from unity, signed up to this forum and started learning the ins and outs of the bge.

Another thing. At the moment we do only have a couple of devs working away at the bge, but my god they do a great job. They do this without any/much financial gain. The guys at Unity do it because they are employed to do it. If blender started charging for the use of the bge, then there would be money to pay developers, which would be an increased incentive for more developers to join the bge dev team. But that’s not going to happen (which I don’t think it ever should). These guys do a great job coding new features/ fixing bugs, remain active on this forum and can be contacted directly via IRC. How would you feel if you did that, then some chump comes along and says its all pointless??? Again… come on man. To be honest, the devs here know they have the full support of the community behind them. So in this case I don’t think their feelings will be hurt, but thats not the point.

I am by no means saying that the bge is a perfect platform for making games or interactive graphics. Of course there are improvements to be made. Of course there are bugs to be fixed. Its a piece of software. Its an ever developing entity that is doing just fine.

The main reason I stayed with blender and didn’t go back to Unity, was the community. There are load of really helpful people on this forum that will really take the time to figure out a problem with you, or suggest a different way of doing it. AND you can chat with the developers via IRC.

Also, nobody is stopping you from using Unity, spacedaniel.

Some Features of the BGE that the free Version of Unity does not have, according to this Site:

~ Navmesh & Pathfinding
~ Audio Filter (scriptwise)
~ Video Playback
~ IK Rigs (!)
~ Sync Layers & Additional Curves*
~ Realtime Shadows
~ Light Probes (baking Lights on Textures)
~ Occlusion Culling (srsly…)

*I guess that is æquivalent to the Animation Layers in Blender? No further Information on the Unity Site.

Ô, and I agree with klauser on that little Sidefact that the BGE Community is very good, very helpful. I have a good Feeling in this Community. I have watched the Unity Forums: Trolling everywhere and cynical Haters – not all of them of Course, but on this Forum you’ll hardly find such at all.

Can Blender allow you to create a commercial version of a game without having a person download Blender before playing?

Spacedaniel if you don’t like blender game engine then don’t use it,instead use unity.
There is no need for all this,ok you can believe that unity is better i’m fine with it because that’s what you think but BGE it’s one of the best free engines,yes it needs to have some fixes but it gives you a lot of freedom with scripting and nodes it only depends on the person that is using the software,plus is one of the best modelling and rendering software.
but there is one thing that I don’t understand,are you concerned about blender or what?:confused:

Yes it can you can export the game as a .EXE file

More to learn then i thought :slight_smile:

Not that im in this for profit or anything…Must get these images and thoughts of a wonderful game out of my heead!!! O.o

I use the BGE for the physics simulation in Blender.

I also just wrote an AddOn that allows you to use the BGE as a render engine. Which means you can get a series of screenshot routed to the Blender compositor and make use of vector blur and all the other filters in Blender proper while still offering up the ability to use GLSL shaders on your objects.

How is dumping the BGE going to make Blender ‘cleaner’ anyway? If you are worried about drive space just delete it.


Quite a few people have already commented on this over the span of just a few hours. At the very least, the forums are quite alive.

@spacedaniel - I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been mentioned and explained quite well, so I’ll just mention these things:

  1. Unity Free is not better than the BGE absolutely. You might like it more, or it might be more capable overall, but it’s not better as an engine. They both do the same thing - allow you to make games and sell them. They both do them well. I personally prefer the BGE, as it has more features than Unity Free.

  2. You have suggested splitting the BGE off into its own project as a solution to the BGE being ‘dead in the water’. While it’s not inherently a bad idea, the example you mentioned, BlendELF, is indeed dead in the water. One of its greatest features is that it’s present inside of a 3D modeler, which means that you get the great capabilities that Blender offers you, like group instancing and a quick and easy workflow. Splitting the BGE off into its own separate project would most likely kill it, not give it a longer life.

  3. While there’s no reason to have Blender do everything, it already does more than a simple 3D modeler, like video sequencing, texture painting, sculpting, image compositing, and other useful features. There’s no reason to take those out - just improve on them. Why should it not be the same with the BGE?

EDIT: As a side-note, please don’t feel that people are ganging up on you. We try to be a friendly community over here, and we don’t want to make you or anyone else feel uncomfortable.

People who work without pay or for little pay often create better products than those that are paid to. Your assumption that something is better simply because people get paid to make it is incorrect.

The reason the BGE is maintained is a wonder when people like you come along and troll like no one else.

The only advantage I see Unity free having over BGE is optimized rendering. But on a releated note, what’s the point of Unity Free or Pro when UDK does alot more for a cheaper startup cost?

I’ve used both UDK and Unity and I’ve returned to BGE. While Unity has it’s merits, such as simplicity (which blender also shares), it’s not better than UDK. UDK is much more demanding than BGE and Unity. BGE allows for easy Linux exporting, which the other two don’t (as far as I know). For an indie who’s planning to publish a game on PC only, that’s quite important as it gives you access to the Humble Indie Bundle.

Also, I have yet to see something that looks this good on Unity Free:

I’m not dismissing Unity Free/Pro or UDK. They all have their uses. Blender is just a lot more accesible, even though it requires a bit more work on optimization (which isn’t too big of a deal for an experienced python programmer).