sorry for posting the "aaaggghhh!!" thread....just frustrated thats all...

hi, sorry about yesterday when i posted a bad thread about this site… this is a VERY good site to herlp people learn blender, and even other software as well…and i realize i should appreciate that, and that i was acting VERY immature. i hope you-guys can accept my appology…

whoa. you possess a quality i have had (up til now) no idea existed on this forum. humility :smiley:

lol i had to do this like 5 different times, it’s rare, but’s here.


People in forums have long memories. When you ask more and more questions in response to answers to previous questions (like how to put clothes on a person), people soon assume you’re just asking, not researching or experimenting. When you ask “how to export hair” and respond “that just sucks” when it’s suggested it can’t be exported, some people remember that (or at last, they remember the essence of it).

Both things are innocent enough in themselves and unlikely to cause you any forum trouble but, over time, you build a profile and people who may be able to answer questions just might not bother if they think their help will be ignored or generate a grumpy response.

While I used two of your submissions as examples above, I’m not directing the comments only at you. I’m just pointing out that how you act ultimately determines how you’re treated. Apologising shows a level of maturity but it will be pointless if that maturity doesn’t show in future posts.

thanks for accepting my appology, guys, and sorry for not replying to these posts sooner, my poser 5 package came in the mail three days ago, and i was occupied/playing around with it, and to be honest with you-guys…i didn’t think anyone would even reply to this thread, but to my suprise, someone did…valarking::smiley: , Lua::smiley: , AndyD::D. AndyD, thanks for taking the time to explain to me how this forum works as far as having the right attitude and treating others the way i want to be treated…being that i am a Christian, i agree with that 200%!..:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Why did you buy Poser? I’d just steal it using BitComet, or some other Bit Torrent :smiley: . Free is best.

lol…with all-do respect, jackblack, free is NOT best when it comes to pirating. You could really do some hard-time in the pin (prison) for doing something like that. Besides, everything about pirating goes against God, and therefore, goes against me.

yeah, i just get it from my friends(who admittadly get it in sketchy ways), but i just dont have a few hundred bucks to blow on software.

They were giving Poser away free for a little while. It was a one time thing.
I downloaded Bryce also. Another legit freebie. :smiley:

Now that’s a questionable statement if ever I heard one! LOL

anyway, ur a good guy bboyclike. i should think about doing this sometime…im sur ill have to in the future :wink: