Sorry for the topic, but I'm finally cured of the whole Dragon thing :)

That’s right, no longer do I believe I’m a Dragon, I have shed that and my feelings that I am a Dragon and now accept the truth that Draconity does not really exist. In other words I have come back to reality. I had an ongoing battle in my mind and the side of truth and logic has won out.:slight_smile:

No longer am I to go to those online communities (which two of the forums I went to and the Dragon’s wings site is blocked now). No longer do I consider those who are there Dragons and that they are just misguided people who’ve accepted being a Dragon as reality even though that’s not true.

Sure it’s part to my father’s best interests as I’ve talked to him about it today and now I’m out of the whole Draconity thing. I’m no longer on that path which I found was the wrong one and is now in line to where I should be and not decieved by such things.

So, I have decided I will no longer be decieved, as the bible does not back Draconity as some appear to say. I am a person made in God’s image, not a Dragon, no one’s a Dragon.


Good for you!:slight_smile: Like I said before though, you can still make pictures of dragons with Blender.:wink:

What? Are you serious…
runs to window
Just kidding, congrats man :slight_smile:

Really? And all He could come up with is you?

Tsss, and He calls himself God…

So, I have decided I will no longer be decieved, as the bible does not back Draconity as some appear to say

It took an old book of stories to make you realise you aren’t a dragon? Glad to see logic and reason won out then.

I think the whole belief that I am a Dragon kind of partly was from my interest in them. I looked at myself inside and saw Dragons and the feelings part kind of over-rode the part that knew the truth and then started believing I am a Dragon.

Now I leave that belief and the Dragon community behind, the part of my mind that holds the logic of truth has won out and thus I’m now cured of it and have gotton back in line with my faith.

Sago, everyone is made in God’s image and that includes you. Though I’d rather you kept your humor out of topics like this. I’m serious about this topic.

This is a YASPTBCD - Yet Another Self-Pity Thread By CyborgDragon.
Self-Pity might not be the word, but a surprising amount of threads CD started were about… CD and his issues.
Glad you stopped fooling yourself, though.

Yes I was fooling myself, and the Dragon boards kind of reinforced that belief. While over there I have to admit I gained the wrong beliefs and it was only reinforced there. Which if it continued could’ve blinded me from the truth even farther, and would’ve refused even more what you people were trying to get across.

Sago, everyone is made in God’s image and that includes you.

No, that doesn’t include me, and you CANNOT say it is. Just speak for yourself.


Sago forgets he can’t lock threads too! I’ve been doing that all day. :smiley:

Seriously though folks, these threads only end in arguments, so I’m putting this one to a close.


Sago tryin to be a comedian eh?Locked.

…give me a break…


i agree with free_ality…morons:p

oh lord, he killed it…

Well, it’s one of my best qualities. Really, ask my ex.


ok im serious now:) !im glad you overcame your dragon feelings

Sago did you really have to derail this thread like that.

Get with it, you don’t have the right to try to derail whatever thread you want, now you’re just turning it towards yourself.

That’s enough locking!


I agree with Drew

Can we please get serious again?

Sago do not do that again.