sorry - I forgot how to do this

:o I was doing a shape doing control and click, but I forgot how to get the last two verts together to make a one solid shape:


Either place the vertices on top of each other then select both and remove doubles, or if they are apart, select both and press the Fkey.

Select the vertex on the right (the one at the location you want to close the loop).

Shift-SKey, and select Cursor To Selection.
Select other vertex.
Click on the Rotation/Scaling pivot control and select 3D Cursor.
SKey to start scaling
Type in 0 (zero)
Hit enter (the vertex moves to end position)
In mesh tools pane click Remove Doubles

You are done.

Nice! Thanks a lot guys :smiley:

you could also press W and select Merge, then the approprite option from the menu.

D’OH!! {slaps forehead}

Yes, you’re right. Your way is easier.

Select the right vertex, then the left, WKey, and do Merge at First.

the shortcut for merge is alt+m