sorry rookie, how can I escape from the text edit modus ?


sorry, I tried to make a little logo, so I added text, worte something and
want to extrude the text into 3d.

but if I hit the esc button nothing appears, if I type e (for extrude) I got the letter e…

so how to escape ???

by the way is there any tut what shows, how to make a comet effect to the text ?

thx magicslider

so how to escape ???

press “Tab” (it’s like you escape from Edit Mode…)

hi Sinistar,

okay this is the object mode. but in the object mode I can’t extrude…

if I go back to the edit mode, if have the same hell…

aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see, not e is my friend but ext,…

thx magicslider

to extrude a text I think you should convert it to a mesh (pressing alt+c two times)

or you can do this: go to the edit buttons (F9) and under the curve and surface tab, mess around with the extrude slider