Sorry to ask this but,....

How do I make screenshots? See, I need help with my character, but I don’t want to post a blend file just yet.

On your keyboard you have a button caled ‘print screen’ [above insert/home/page up ] Effectively it is copy screen. Open “paint” or another image program, and ‘paste’ = and your screen image, is an image…

Also you can render whats in the 3d window by pushing the render button to the right of the padlock button (which is to the right of the layers buttons). Then F3 to save. Note this is not the same as the F12 render.

The hard way:
You take a halftransparent paper and put the paper on the screen over the model. Then take a pen and draw all the lines of your model on the paper. Then go to a friend that has a scanner to scan it and pay him five bucks. Pay another five to burn it on a cd. Later that night you must do a cerimonial dance before you post your picture on elysiun. Lots of beer too.

The easy way:
print screen -> mspaint -> paste -> save as -> bigbadrules.jpg

Good luck :Z


Do this. In file menu there is something called Dump 3Dview. Press that and save.