Sorry to ask this guys, but...

I need to make a weapon trail, but don’t know how to. Wiseman303 had one but it’s no longer available. If someone has it, could they send me a copy of it or direct me to a tutorial on how to make one myself. I’m trying to give Cap’s shield a trail that activates when he’s throwing it.

Updated Captain America:

You can add semitransparent objects with a life time of a second or so. If they play an IPO (size, color etc.) during lifetime you can have impressive effects.

On of the image-gay?

I was thinking the same thing.

Here’s an example file of how to do it:

Observe the Ipo curve editor, and notice how i had to ad an R,G,B and A setting for it to fade away.

I don’t know why, but on the ipo actuator I had to apply a “force” and a “Local” to it. It works though. I hope i helped! :smiley:

Really? There’s no need for me to do that.

I think your main question has been answered already, but I have a suggestion for your Captain model: you may want to make the shield just a little bit higher-poly. I realize you’re trying to keep your count down, but I think it would be worth it for the sake of making the shield that much rounder.

Actually, doing circles “in 10” is better than some big companies do (I generally see N64 games do circles in 8, which is my preference).

Thanks guys.

And PlanetPerson, I agree. The shield would look better if it were more round.