Sorry To Be That Guy...

But I am new to Blender and am trying my best to teach myself, I just have a lot of trouble with the interface and knowing what is where and what does what (learning the program as well as the verbiage of 3d animation as I am new to this too). I have tried looking through this forum and went through the tutorial sections but couldn’t find what I am looking for. Specifically, I need a very detailed tutorial which teaches the basics of 3d animation AND Blender Interface and preferably focused on character modeling which I want to develop before rigging and everything after.

I have done just about every tutorial of tutor4u on Youtube, I love the detail of teaching and look for that, but in the realms of something more in-depth on building characters, specifically at my point in knowledge, how to make a character by efficiently using and understanding the tools in Blender.

PS. Sorry if this is the wrong section; also, how in the world do people learn all of the little nuances of Blender. I’d love to know it inside and out, just find it really hard starting from scratch!

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You don’t need to apologize at all!:slight_smile:

All blender artists have gone through this type of situation,especially when they just have started blender.
Don’t fret,you’ll be a pro before you even know it!

You can see some of these helpful videos by Jonathon Williamson.



These tutorials cover each single feature of Blender. Click the link for “All video tutorials”.

try to handle “frustration”, keep working, and, one day, you’ll be surprised for what you could achieve ( as most people here, I guess).
Its a kind of test “Want I really do 3D works?”…