Can’t take it down, thanks for giving ideas

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I hate to be the bringer of really bad news, but this idea of yours will not work.
You are acting out the archetype of an idea guy and the truth is nobody likes idea guys, especially If they don’t have real ideas.
Creating an Youtube Channel with Various Animated Series is not an Idea, its more like an description - empty of actual creative content.
What is the actual value that you bring to the table?
Following your description, you are not the producer, you are not the director, you are not the screenwriter, you are actually no artist at all, more like an facility manager.
You cannot be the boss of this endeavour with that negotiation position, you are more like an employee.
The crux of this position is that in reality you need them, but they don’t need you.


I agree. This is such a lowsy work offer. Basically: I want a sucessful youtube channel and I want others to make it for me, and maybe someday you will get some money, maybe. I have no real ideas, except that it has to be an animated series. Oh, and I CAN’T ANIMATE lol.

Good luck finding slaves.