Sort a thread by amount of likes?

(eobet) #1

Is there a way to sort a thread by the amount of likes each post in it has received?

Feels as if that would make it easier for developers to find good feedback…

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

The posts within a topic you mean? No, there’s no option for that.

(eobet) #3

Can I suggest that you add that then, both for here and devtalk?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

Perhaps you can suggest it to the Discourse developers at

(eobet) #5

Ah. I thought it being open source would mean you could do changes to it.

Nobody else has posted or liked this, so I don’t think I’m going to register on a new site just to shout a suggestion into the void that is their giant community.

(Jason van Gumster) #6

It is open source, but adding features requires time and effort. A lot of our time is focused on maintaining and moderating the site itself, rather than developing the software that runs the site. The feature you’re suggesting sounds interesting, though… I’d be interested in knowing how you’d use it. If it’s beneficial across the board, then it’d probably be best to be implemented upstream so all Discourse-based forums could take advantage of it.

You’re more than welcome to implement the feature and submit it as a patch or pull request. I’m sure you’d get great feedback.