Sort materials data blocks in blender

I didn’t know how to say that, but I’m not looking to change the order of multiple materials applied to one object.

HardOps gives a material list and it looks like this:

If I go to Blender File view in the outliner and go to the materials it shows me the materials that are in the scene, and in alphabetical order.
But I have more materials in the file in another scene. So when I go to remap a material to a different one it looks like this:

The first materials, DEEPINK2 - WHITE, are sorted properly. The rest are from a linked scene and they show up in that list in the order they were created.

And yes, I’m aware that it’s a Terrible naming convention. I was thinking, “oh, I’ll fix the names later based on what I need.” Well, I didn’t do that before I started using them. So if I do it now it’ll screw up a bunch of files.
I’m just looking to see if there’s a way to have those sorted in other ways, because I’d like this one alphabetically rather than creation time.