sort of extruded icosphere thing: how!?

how do i do this?

i want an icosphere, and i want to extrude each triangle on it to its normal, i.e. directly away from the center.

so i sort of want to extrude, and scale, but i want it to be attatched, so that when i hit subsurf i get an effect that looks a bit like the biomes in the Eden project.

does anyone understand what i mean? im having trouble putting it into words. i seem to recall someone made a picture that is very similar to what i want, but i can no longer find it.



I guess you mean something like this:

this is done with a script. just search for it. its in the plugins forum.

Did u mean this?

I think Alt S is what you want. scale along normal.

GFX, you need Andy Houston’s excellent, Geodesic dome script.

Available here:-

This will explian all.


Whatta :o ,

Thanks Sonix for sharing the link and especially to Andy houston, the creator :smiley:

wow man that look like a cool script!


thanks man

only thing is, after like 3 geodesic objects, it stops making them, it just gives me a small pink normal point.

ah well, thanks all the same guys.

GFX, I found that you need to save each new geodesic object as a new .Blend file, then use Shift F1 to append your dome into your current project.


Playing around today, I took a cube and in edit mode hit W then 3 for Subdivide smooth. Got a geodesic like figure on the first try at 100% and doing it twice I got like a perfect soccerball.

Try it, maybe you’ll get something you need.