sort of "intersection" script

hi all,

i’ve had bad experiences with booleans, so I’d like to write a little helper script which does the following:

You select two meshes, mesh1 and mesh2… Then when the script is run it would add a new vertex to mesh1 wherever an edge from mesh2 intersects a face from mesh1. I don’t want it to add faces or edges…

Before I start, does anyone know if a script for this already exists? And if not, is it reasonably easy thing for a newbie to python to attempt?



:smiley: MAKE IT , MAKE IT , MAKE IT , :smiley:

Ooooo we so need something like this , Or at least I do.

No there is nothing like this at all, I would know if there was, Unless jms, or theeth is hidding something …



it “projects” a (for the moment only convex) edgeloop onto a mesh in the x, y or z direction.

not yet finished (not all new faces are created) and i dont have time the next 2 weeks to finish it (exams :frowning: ) but i think i will be able to finish it in the first or second week of september

this is not what you want, but it comes close …

And with respect to a script that calculates the intersectionpoints of 2 meshes: as long as you’re not a newbie to math, it is not too difficult i think. :wink:

BTW, I also have a modified (extended) version of Stefano Selleri’s Knife Script, it creates the intersection of a mesh and a finite plane
If you could use that, I could put that online if it would be of any use



POST ! please, What does it do other than the cut tool ?

But still please post the code so we all may bugtest for ya , Or even help fix it ( I can’t fix, but can test )


Ok last post from me for this. For now.

You know thinking back. The old booleans sort of did this. With it’s intersect tool.
But that one was also bugy. And that is why we still do not have a working moosh mesh together tool. I guess that it is a real trial and effort thing