Sort of like a CCTV circuit in Blender

Hi, I’m making a futureistic sniper rifle in Blender and instead of having an ordinary scope I want to have one which work like a TV as the scope has an upwards bit (cannot remember correct termonology:o) and I wish to know how to make it into a live TV screen so that when you walk around you see the ground in front of the scope and so on…

I think you get what i mean:o

Thank in advance

I’ve uploaded the .blend file and it’s calle bordom beacuse I was messing around in Blender then i decided to make something with it.


BORDOM.blend (234 KB)

The term you’re looking for is “periscope” I think, and the realtime graphics rendering technique is called a “portal,” AFAIK. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that’s possible in the GE. Also, “boredom,” not “bordom.”

Ok thanks for your help on correcting my grammar :o lol, but thanks fir trying to help :slight_smile:

It’s totally possible. You can use the video texture module.

If you look about halfway down the page it talks about source types and an in scene camera is one of them. At the bottom of the page are some good examples and one of them even has something very similar to what you want to do set up in it.

I haven’t looked at the file but why not put a camera in front of the scope parent it the cam to the gun and switch to the cam when looking into the scope?

Hi I know what you’re talking about. Here is a tutorial that I hope you find helpful.

well, dude, you could use the videotextures and eat up a few(but just a few) frames a sec. or you could just take a camera that points at the place you want to aim with an overlay scene for crosshairs and a few filters(if your graphics card can) to make it more video-screeny. believe me, it can be insanely accurate (i’m using it in my demo. check it out tomorrow/day after). do pretty much what alienkid10 said, basically.

edit: btw, very, very nice model, even for a low poly. a bit large for the average human?:confused:whatever. oh, and you could combine the two methods. have the scope face be low-def videotexture and put it up to eye/camera, switch to the scopecam. also, it might have been really accurate for me, cause i was using the dragunov from the repository.

Oh, an you can’t use curves in the game engine…

O.K. i have modded BORDOM so you can see what a video-texture scope will look like.
Attached is the file.


BOREDOM-MOD.blend (306 KB)