Sort of obvious, yet not a lot of people do it. . .

Just in case any of you missed it. I think we need to start show the rest of the CG community that Blender can create what they can!

Excellent idea. Guess a lot of sites might experience a sudden explosion
of Blender content submitted these days though, hehe. :slight_smile:

Makes you wonder how anyone could miss something from the blendernation frontpage :rolleyes:

trust me, it could happen.

I suspect a certain amount of clones with big eyes!
Get ready for the CLONE WARS! :smiley:

I think that’s a great idea! If we boost the population of Blender users, that means that there will be more good users, and more good users means more good artwork, and that means even more users! Maybe there’s a graph that will predict the number of Blender users in 10 years… (sorry, I just like thinking mathematically. Must be something to do with finishing my maths homework before posting this…)

I agree. I don’t have anything even nearly worthy of posting though.

It definitely is obvious but probably a good idea to remind the people here to show around what they’ve got…not only for Blender but for themselves :wink:

Actually, it reminds me that I should be more active on CGTalk…I (almost) never had the courage to submit my stuff there :smiley: (deviantArt is completely different though…)