* Sort Of Solved *...

Hello everyone some of you may know me :stuck_out_tongue:
But enough about that I have a dam question that I cannot figure out and been trying to figure out for at least a couple of month’s how the hell dose this game here work :


Getting all my symbols correct ?
I know it’s somthing to do with the math but how dose that take place in it and I noticed that there are more then 1 of the same symbols there also. I think I may have a hinch on how it’s done but I need to ask Blender Artists on how they think this is done so I can have fun with this fooling random people that I have mind powers :eek:.

Lol or at least send me to a link were it tells me step by step on how this is done.
If not then please explain if it’s not to much to ask or if you have time on your hands I would really appreciate this.

~ Thank you from Death

Apparently the symbols change every time (I mean that if, for instance, 0 has the leg now, then it might have the circle with the “x” next time). They aren’t in any obvious particular order either (besides the fact that every symbol is shown twice in a row somewhere).
I’m wondering about how this works as well. Workin’ on it…

It’s extremely simple. Like you said, CW, all possible solutions ( 0, 2, 9, 18, 22, 25, etc…)have the same symbol next to them. It changes every time so you don’t get suspicious. I don’t get why it takes everyone so long to get this thing.

Edit: He got there before me

Just what I was thinking sorta.
But the only thing I have figured out was that yes there is somwhat like a pattern there. And the pattern basicly stays the same execpt only changes the sysbols. But now my question is when you add then subtrack were dose that fit in meaning how dose it make your # into a # that is going to be shown on a certain sysbol.

Sorry but I am getting lost there and when I get lost I make no sence Lol

Think about it:

Pick a two digit number, add the two digits together and subtract that from the original number. Example:
1+1 = 2
11-2 = 9

Now work out what 10 to 20 equals:
9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 18.

Because your adding the two digits together, the second digit is always cancling itself out. So you have 15, but you have to take away atleast 5 so you always end up back to a multiple of ten and need i say the rest?

so from 10-99 there are only 9 possible outcomes. The symbol is added to all of those. and everything get randomised to prevent one noticing so easily.

That would make sence now I never thought of it that way :eek:
Thanks man Lol Now I gotta make my own version of this and freak out my ma Lol
And ya you were right it is simply. o.O
~ Thanks once again everyone.

It makes sense why I keep on failing maths now :eek: