SOS, Newbie Material Display Hell

Fello Blendorians of the ‘Magically Magnificent & Creative kingdom island of Blendoria’, this is an urgent SOS call from for a frustrated Blender Newbie from the materially besieged kingdom of Renderen, we call for aid.

I’m keen to learn Blender and I’m currently following ‘Blender Guru’s’ “Icing Donut” Tutorials ( there’s a lot to take in but I’m really enjoying it). I started tutorial 7 where colour and materials are added to the donut, I’m following and doing exactly what ‘Blender Guru’ is instructing but when I try to change or add a colour/material using the ‘Base Colour’, nothing is happening, what am I doing wrong? Sorry that I’m unable to upload a jpeg to give a visual context to what’s happening as I’m only new on the forum and I don’t have the option to add pictures yet. Thank you

Asign the faces to the material slot.

Hello Patrick, thanks for the speed of your reply and for helping out. Just to be clear on what you’re saying (for future reference), in order for me to apply any type of ‘Colour / Colour Change’ or ‘Material / Material Change’ to a specific part of ANY model, first I HAVE to be in “Edit Mode” not “Object Mode”, forgive me for any misunderstandings as I’m a newbie to the Blender application?

Yes. Each face has it’s own material index, which can be any material that is on the object. To assign a material to a face, you must be in edit mode so that it can be selected, and then press assign with the material you want selected.

The “color” is not at all the same as the “material”. So you can change the color of a material in object mode.

Hello Zorro_Weaver, thanks for helping out, I’ll go ahead now and put into practice the advice that Patrick and yourself have pointed out, thank you :grinning:

@Zorro_Weaver @patnard I appreciate the help fello Blendorians, I followed both your advice of adding ‘Material Colour’ (while in edit mode) and it worked, colour was added but I noticed something odd, when I pressed the ‘F12’ key to render the image, it was still rendering a grayscale picture, so I switched back to ‘Object Mode’ and I selected the ‘View Shading’ button in the top right side of the screen, from there I added my ‘Material Colours’ and when I pressed the ‘F12’ key to render the image, this time the colours appeared, is that the wrong way to apply ‘materials’?

I am confused. I wish you could add a screenshot. The only way I can think of that would render it grayscale would be a pass. Look for ‘mist pass’ and make sure it’s off.

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Hello smiley,

Once you will be able to post image all this will be simpler,
But I think the issue here is that there are two color settings for materials,
One is in the viewport display category and is only for visualization purpose, the other one is in the material and affect the color of the object when rendered.

Same Cube, same material, but one viewport is in rendered view and the other isn’t …


Ah, that’s what he meant. I generally don’t use that, so I didn’t think of that.

@Zorro_Weaver @sozap Just want to say, thanks for being patient with me and helping out fello Blendorians, much appreciated. As soon as I’m permitted by the forum administrator(s) to upload a visual image to properly demonstrate the issue that keeps occurring, I will, as I know that it’s easier to work and solve problems from a visual cue rather than trying to figure things out from a descriptive reference

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Cool !
Getting to know 3D is a path full of trap, but it’s great once you get there !

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@sozap @patnard @Zorro_Weaver Fello Blendorians, I hope yous don’t mind but I need to tap into your vast data bank of ‘Blender’ knowledge to help me out with another issue I’m having while following the 'Blender Guru’s “Donut Tutorial”.

I arrived at the tutorial ‘Part 1, Level 2: Particles’, if yous fast-forward to ‘6mins.18 secs’ mark into the tutorial, ‘Blender Guru’ has selected the top half of the particle that he has created (I’ve also done the same with the particle that I’ve created), Blender Guru then presses and holds the keys ‘S’ and ‘X’ to scale JUST the top half of the particle down but when I attempt to do the same, I end up scaling the entire particle down and not just the selected top-half, what am I doing wrong? Thank you

Part 1, Level 2: Particles - Blender Beginner Tutorial

Maybe you have proportional editing active. Shortcut o.
Press it again to turn it off.


@Lumpengnom ‘IT WORKED, YEEEESSSSSS’, thank you so much Lumpengnom, your a superstar fello Blendorian :grinning: :100:

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