Souja Boy

Ok Im starting this thread because the other one was closed. there was a few thing i needed to address here: souja boy sucks! He cant rap, Hes only a hit because his ONE song is catchy!

Thats it (for now)

He is happy though.

afaik all new popular music sucks

True that - I bet what your listening to now - is not considered to be of good sound harmony with your elders.

Not that i’m really a fan of hip hop/rap or anything current really (there is some good stuff, but it’s few and far between) but I don’t really see a reason to make a hate thread about it. .

True that too.

I like Project Pitchfork and Laibach.

I hate rap, hiphop, and anything that comes close to it. This is a great start :slight_smile:

Try buying music that musicians have made, rather then samples mixed with noise and bullshit ego inflating talk.
There are some great artists out there, dont give up looking :slight_smile:

Well, I’m gonna say that not all rap/hiphop/pop sucks. Just most of it. There is definitley some that’s got musical merit though.

But in the long run, rock all the way.

Mmph!, do you listen to ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)?

I suppose we could raise a thread about the Spice Girls comeback - on second thoughts never mind.

Mmph!, do you listen to ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)?

years ago I did, Now I listen to mainly Classical, or air music while I work.

When I play online games I still like listening to industrial, Metal, old rock, and a few other genres. Just not Hiphop or rap, or Country western.

Try Tobymac?Or Red?

Yea, the song does suck.

BUT, this movie doesn’t!

Funniest thing ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh the typical I dislike hip hop rant, Soulja boys rap isn’t meant to be thought provoking like common or Lupe fiasco it’s meant to be party music simple as that I mean come on now if soulja boy sucks then the electric slide sucks, and how would you measure rapping ability let me gues you’ll come back with well I listen to eminem right ? anyways what I’m trying to say is your most likely the typical rap hater whose probably never sat down and listened to hip hop and if you have then I don’t mean any harm
Also good hip hop isn’t hard to find it’s just not marketed to you what gets marketed to you is 50 cent and other lame rappers with sorry raps over great beats.(I’m a rapper myself) just do a quick search of the underground and you’ll find artists that blow away most of the mainstream like Sage Francis or Eyedea or Atmosphere and cage.

souljah boy has been around for a while hasnt he? and he JUST got big cus of one song? i bet u after all this souljah boy bullshit goes away he will only be thought of as a one hit wonder, but who cares, hes bloody rich now

QUESTION: how does he see through those sunglasses? the ones with his name on it

some of u guys r saying I’m a hip hop hater well,I’m 16 years old and i live in Brooklyn.and to top it off im black so what r the chances i listen to rap music

QUESTION: how does he see through those sunglasses? the ones with his name on it

try it, u’ll b surprised that u can see.

If you want to listen to music that has beat and isn’t about lyrics and is for parties, look into a band called Kraftwerk.

this thread is the definition of “wasted space”.