Soul of the damned

playing around in blender; decided to make a generic head for future use so i don’t have to model one from scratch every bloody time, saved it away.

Then duplicated it for something I can play with and ended up with below…
‘soul of the damned’

but it still not forsaken enough though >.<
any tips?

also if I plan to making a wall of these, how would u suggest I go by modelling variations? or animating it even…

and i know the lighting is beyond horrible, i was playing with sss and nodes. something is causing it to go dark even if i amp my light to 2 but not sure what


I’m impressed, it looks very expressive, but given the amount of light it is hard to say very much about the head. Are there eyes in there?

I believe, for a generic head you would probably be better off with a more neutral expression – just imagine yourself wanting to model someone in love from this head.

To create a wall of faces you need to rig the head. Then, typically, you would start-off by finding several extreme expressions such as the one in your render above.

/ Mats

thx for reply

nah, having warped eye sockets not sure how it would have turned out…

oh, the generic head I saved away, this was more of a ‘alright lets see what I can go from the generic head’.

so the only way is to rig each one? dam… I was hoping theres a better way - kind of the way they animated battle scenes in movies cuz doing each one would be a pain :frowning:

wonder if i can make a small python script to make it a staggered animation, but even then still not sure how to put it together into one wall and still be modular :frowning: i guess i’ll put this on hold and do other stuff that could go with the same scene as this one 'til i get a bit more research~

hmm attached an overlit pic for my monitor just incase its my monitor that is bright - lol you can see the hole in the back of the eye socket now :stuck_out_tongue:


oh, the generic head I saved away, this was more of a ‘alright lets see what I can go from the generic head’.

Oh, I failed to understand this.

I don’t know anything about Python so I can’t help you there. If I was to create a wall of faces, I’d create a simple flat wall subdivided enough times and then use dupliverts to add a face at each vert. When I brought up rigging I was assuming you wanted different expressions in each head. If that is what you want, rigging the head is most likely the easiest way to quickly find different expressions. If you really hate rigging, shape keys is of course an alternative.

Anyway, to me this is a good head. I guess others would suggest you add more details using eitherr the sculpt tool or textures to develop it further.

Hope it helped, keep it up
/ Mats