Soul of Winter

Hi everyone, this is my first post on Blenderartist! I used to post my creations on my website or Behance page.
Anyway, I started to follow Gleb Alexandrov’s ice tutorial last week and, as it’s usually the case with most tutorials, I ended up creating something of my own and I though I would share it with you cause, you know, it’s cool =D

So without further due, here’s my final composed Image: Soul of Winter

Render in about 3 hours on a 670GTX - 3000 samples 1500*1000px
Hope you like it, please give your feedback! =)

Welcome to Blender artist :). Nice work. Has a wonderful glow which focuses the viewer on the ice. How did you achieve the backdrop?

Thanks! Background is a combination of placing the hdri correctly and a volume with a volume scatter shader. I sculpted the reindeer approximately to have a silhouette and then in the compositor I gave the defocus a little boost and also used the mist pass to have to different glares in the foreground and the background.