Soul Window

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ok was bored yeterday while i had a break from a blender contest i’m in (not the compositing one) so i made this quickly =D

ummm…its an eye =)

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(blengine) #3

did u by any chance know that that image was over a megabyte! haha thats crazy!.. its pretty good though, i like the randomness of the lashes…i dont like the veins in the eye though… thats a great reflection!

please please please make compressed jpgs next time =) this pic coulda been 100kb, instead of 1.4mb, hehehehe =)

(acasto) #4

I thought it took a while to download…and I’m on cable…lol :smiley:

(LohnS) #5

lol oops sry, had no idea it was that big in size, i’ll ipload another compressed one, i think it was cause i had on 16 OSA in blender.

thanx for the comments guys, and yeah those veins were really a rushed texture in photoshop, so i guess i’ll take them out.

(Stungun) #6

You should know that eyelashes have more volume
Maybe you could throw in a UV-textured plane between it with a eyelash-texture on it - to make it look more full - and keep the smaller hairs around it for realism

or else just zoom out :slight_smile: but i don’t guess that’s what you were going for

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(S68) #7


Why there is a dragonfly reflected in it??


(PILER) #8

The eye looks a little too transparent, and the white of the eye looks like it could sue some reflection, but i like it, and i like the dragonfly in the reflection it rocks =).

Try saving the jpg at like 80 quality it should bring it down to like 300 kb.

(digitalSlav) #9

loose the lens flare as well :frowning:

(pannomatte) #10

Stunning. Quit your day job.
Blender On

(LohnS) #11

thanx for the comments every1 =D