Just a little bit of fun, interprate it how you will, i think the grey one with the balck background is best, but i would be great to know what you guys think. Any suggestions for improving the render?

very cool, an extremely interesting concept. Wuts coming out of his mouth?smike, spit…i cant telll, but still, very cool!
peace out man

wow thats really really cool, how long did that take.

Is it dupliverts ir did you place each one by hand?


That’s cool! I actually like the coloured one the best, as you can see the cubes in the hat as well!

Not sure about that thing coming out of his mouth though?

probly his soul

Thanks for the comments guys:
-Whats comeing out of his mouth is open to interpretation, personally i wanted it to be more abstract than something like spit, i guess making it thin and whispy would have helped, but what you see is what you see.

-It didn’t take too long to make maybe a couple of hours

-I used dupliverts since i already had the head made from earlier in the year.

-Cuby: umm funny thing, The hat isn’t actually made out of cubes, its just a hemp texture that happens to look cubish, but i’ll agree it matches well

haha, amazing! really nice effect, really original

I tried to do a yafray render with HDR but after 12 hours it wasn’t done and i needed my computer so i had to stop it. Here’s an alternative just with blender’s internal using Ambient Occlusion


amazing! let me guess (except if it is written somewher and i missed it), but u used an array mod, right?! amazing what 2.42 can do, also really great creative work, so original, so many meanings… just great

Nice idea man! I like it! On your first image, cap looks a bit odd but it is good on this last pic you sent. Reminds me of a german helmet ;):smiley: And maybe ears are little off but otherwise nice work!
You said you made it with dupliverts? I just recently found a great py script for similar things called tesselate that does great stuff too and has more features to play with! You should try it!