Soulja Boy

I thought of a really cool idea, if someone did the SOULJA BOY, CRANK THAT routine as an animation

i could mo-cap that bitch

HAHA nah, be pretty cool amazing wat a big thing taht dam song has been, peopel that hate rap even like that song, kinda like beastie boys, but beastie boys is way better

… with an equally large crowd that hates it. :slight_smile:
I think it’s not too bad for a rap song. But I prefer this version better performed by a very famous (apparently. I don’t know) drummer. Turns it into a rock version. Now that is kick ass.

As for a dance video in Blender for this song? Well… you can make one :slight_smile:
Would take a long time. Especially if your not fluent with animation. But would be a good learning experience.

soulja boy really sucks.i bet hes a one hit wonder

But I prefer this version better performed by a very famous (apparently. I don’t know) drummer. Turns it into a rock version. Now that is kick ass.

Hells ya! That version is way better. I wish this was the one on the radio.

yeah id say travis barker is pretty famous. just look at the hundreds of little travis barker wannabes in their highschool punk bands.

It hasn’t got no bloody flavor! Its a bloody seabird!

Soulja boy up in dis Oh! watch me crank dat watch me Roll!

It was good the first time I heard it, its too over played now. It would make a pretty tight animation though, considering everyone knows how to do that dance

soulja boy can’t rap. He’s the William Hung of rap. He’s like a black Britney Spears…But Britney has a bigger mustache. lol

main hol em up dawg we shoud jus animate soulja boy on da mic wit 2 40’s and a blunt while mike jones break dem boyz off wit som cornbread.

dem dawgz is geniuses yo, dey gotz some tizight sizongs fo-rizeaal my n*****

main i hope dey make some moe of dat muzak dawg cuz dey revolutionizin da industry. da hole werld would be betta off if eurrybody just listen to crank dat soulja boy.


Some people just don’t get the rap business don’t they.

Listen up, pctopgs, in rap. There is no such thing as a one hit wonder when you have one big hit.
A big hit means more people on the lookout, it means more opportunities, which if used properly makes another hit, and another, and so on.
There are soo many remixes of Crank Dat that it’s not even funny.
Myspace basically has thousands or tens of thousands of people using the song.

Walk it out for example.
The first big hit of Dem Franchize boyz, and it wasn’t even as big as this, i mean true it was large. But not many remixes.
Look at them now, if you know anyone that doesn’t know the walk it out song it’s either because he’s deaf or has no interest in music. Or is simply a rock junky lol.
BUT there are rock remixes of walk it out too.
All i am trying to say is, one big hit will last for awhile. If the artist doesn’t use his common sense and release another hot track. He wont make it.

maybe it has no flavor because you don’t know what hip hop is all about.

dukytyme: souljaboy can’t rap huh?
that’s why he has his song on BET and MTV huh?
If you cant rap, u cant make it. He just did.

Oh guys btw he has another hit song already. Search it up.

The rock version was awesome. The only rock band i really like is three days grace, but the drummer was sick. A little out of sync at spots though.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…don’t piss me off…

Travis B’s version is sweet.

I could give a $hit, if your pissed or not. That kid can’t rap. Period. That weak a$$ lil punk look like Rue Paul minus the sac. His lil fake Ratchet-dace, he’s a fake Harlem shakin lil girl. I’d slap him in front of 50 cent.

EDIT: Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilly were also on MTV…Wha? You got their albums and posters on your wall too.

To give you the benefit of the doubt, I just read the “lyrics” of 8 SoujaBoy “songs”, and there was not one line, one rhyme, one anything that made any sense, or is worthy of the new found cash the industry is throwing at that fake lil industry plant.

Yet, the lyrics in one song by Tupac: Ballad of a dead Soulja, speak volumes on any one line.

SouljaBoy can’t rap, and if you like him, fine, but that won’t make him rap…just put a “C” in front of his rap game to reveal it’s real content…

I’m done with this topic. I heard of easily impressed, but this is ridiculous, I want to choke SouljaBoy right now.

SouljaBoy’s best lines:

You Cant Get Like Me

" Ayyy Soulja boy on the track shawty
I aint gon tell dis yall
when he try 2 get like you
brush that look at him
be like naw you cant get like me
nope you cant get like me "

Crank Dat SouljaBoy

Sorry, the lyrics are to stupid and it hurts to look at em.

Put Ya Left Foot In

Lyrics are too stupid also
I Got Me Some Bapes

Lyrics too stupid also…This is definitely not rap. But after listining to it, you would eventually learn about how much he loves his “Bathin apes on his feet”

Rap? uh, right.

Stop Then Snap

Another pile of crap

And not one of these songs can be remotely considered rap:

Yahhh Bitch!
Super Fresh
Don’t Do Me
You Cant Get Like Me
Crank Dat Jump Rope
Look @ Me

c’mon. My 14 year old white nephew would crush this little freak.

What, you’ve never seen an episode of Monty Python?

I just don’t like Soulja Boy. I don’t really like rap in general, but Soulja Boy is even WORSE.

First of all, dont i repeat dont compare tupac with any rapper because he is part of rap itself.

Second of all you idiot. Rap doesn’t have to rhyme, your not writing poems, your not writing shakespeare. Your writing a beat, your writing a meaning.

Fabulous, does not rhyme all the time on his freestyles. Doesn’t mean he aint rapping.
Rapping is not ‘always’ rhyming.

Now, i didn’t say i am a huge fan of soulja boy. But i am a fan of rap, thats what im mainly standing up for.
I do like the song crank dat and i think its a well deserve hit.

Now stop hatin and stop bitchin.

p.s. Tynach: Just shut up dude.




er…sorry bout that…

You missed his point. He’s saying that the lyrics suck. Doesn’t matter if they rhyme or anything, they just suck in general. No meaning or value to them.

If you like rap for the beat, then I suggest you go into hypnotism and brainwashing.

There are a few rap songs I actually like, but I only like them for the lyrics. Otherwise, I hate rap, as the only thing it has is beat and rhythm, and occasionally a secondary tune.

trackWrecka, obviously don’t know $hit about wreckin’ tracks. SouljaHo couldnt wreck a track with a sledge hammer.

Rap don’t have to rhyme? what kinda $hit is that? Rap DOES have to rhyme. Most of it better. To a great extent, real rap IS poetry…and SouljaPoo definately do NOT qualify as POETRY.

I’d make that lil girl lick his own “bathin apes”