Sound actuator crashes in 2.59

I have two types of full Blender crashes related to sound actuators.

  1. Background music, ogg file. I simply set up a logic chain like:
    Always (no true, no false triggering)->And->Sound (loop-end)

It randomly crashes Blender when the game finishes.

  1. Sound of weapon firing. I have a sound loop to be played while the left mouse button is pressed. Logic bricks are like:
    Mouse (left button, true triggering)->And->Sound (loop-stop)

Randomly crashes during gameplay, probably some sort of memory leak.

I read somewhere that triggering sounds too often can crash BGE, so it might be the case in the latter situation. Any ideas of solving the problem?

Try the same on blender 2.60. it has improved features and bug fixes for audaspace(threaded audio engine for bge/blender).
if the crashing still persists it can be reported to bug tracker along with a sample blend file.

by 2:59 I had many crashes, with the sound (gun)
(about every 10 minutes: crash)
in 2.6, I tried the same game and has not given me any problems.
then I would say that have solved, but

unfortunately with 2.6, have ruined action, no longer works blendIn :frowning: big damage

in case anyone knows if there is a special version with bug fixes to the sound, but without the new Action?

Im still getting crashes with multiple sounds (Blender 2.60a & 2.59), by Activating the Sound Actuators Via Python. will moving exclusively to the AUD module fix this and does the AUD module support full 3D audio with mono samples?

Well, it looks like I have to wait a couple of versions to get everything right, since 2.60 messed up the animations quite a bit, and some animations don’t play at all. Anyone experimented with the pygame mixer module? Is it worth trying?

I have actually fixed all my animations in a night, the 2.60 animation method makes a lot of sense merging the old F-curves once you get your head around the transition. I have looked deeper into using the AUD module, and seems to have everything i am looking for like buffered audio playback for like gunshots, footsteps and otherwise.

Although some more testing is required before I get things back to there original state.

Yes, it’s probably very useful but I can not accept there is no more blendIn:

with blendIn, avoid doing all the actions of transition … which are a lot (action * action)
10 action = 100 potential action of transition

hope blendIn return also in the playAction()

now the audio in my blender(2.60) work well, but how to using AUD module?

thanks,this work well with all format , or only .ogg?

ones ive tried so far are .wav, .mp3 & .ogg. seem to work correctly.