Sound Actuator makes Blender crash?

When I load any Sound Actuator and start my game, it will work but Blender crash when I stop the game; even crash when I just put the actuator there and no controller connect to it. I can hear sounds without any crash for other games, and there are no error about this in console when my game crash. What’s my problem here?

Version 2.41 ?

I don’t think it’s neccesarily related to the sound actuator.

When I load some of the sample game files from the ‘regression’ files at blender3dorg into 2.41 it will crash when I exit the game. And they don’t have sound actuators in them


are you running linux [if not, what os are you running]? which version of blender?

I’m in Windows Xp for now, with Blender 2.41. I will check this on myself Linux computer later.

At first it still crashes on my Linux machine, and at last I found how to avoid this problem when I trying to make a crash sample: I have to pack the sound file and save blender file before start game.

Excuse me, that pack and save only works for Linux, in Windows this game still crash without error message. Eventually I upload this file.

It works fine on my Windows XP!?
Do you have SP1 or SP2(Service Pack)?
I’ve got SP2.
Nice Game!:wink: :cool:

Thank you, that computer is SP2, maybe the crash was because it’s strange anti-virus soft if you work correctly.