Sound actuator only playing left channel?

Greetings. I’ve been playing with sounds today and I ran in to this issue that the actuator is playing my sound file only from left channel.

I tried mp3 and ogg, mono and stereo samples (no 3d Sound).

Any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:

1: Is your headset/speaker system running correctly in other programs?
2: The audio files may only be one channel
3: Make sure you haven’t changed any settings in the sound actuator
4: Try using 3D sound and see if the same error occurs
5: Try another build of blender

See if this might help.

Yeah, I downloaded the new 2.62. Haven’t tried other ones yet. I tried both mono and stereo version of the files. Even tried manually to put mono only right channel (still plays left channel only).
3D didn’t help. Same issue.

Otherwise my audio output on pc is working fine.

Download audacity.
Open your sound file.
Split stereo track.
Delete one of them.
Make one of them mono.

If not …hmm, reinstall audio driver or blender.

Audacity is exactly the tool I have been using all along, Did all those and many other versions but no luck :wink:

Bummer. It works alright in 2.61 :frowning:

100% blender fault… 2.62 its all a big BUG. It crashes so often.

Anyway,does other sounds have the same issue?
If yes, use 2.61 untill a stable release.

Yeah. I just tried a sound file in 2.62 and I have the same problem (but only with certain files… very random). Definitely unstable.

Same here with audaspace. I’ll try a GraphicAll build and see if that improves things.

EDIT: Didn’t fix it. :frowning: I’ll have to roll back to 2.61.

Anyone posted a Bug Report?

I think that it is not necessary now:

Revision: 44194
Author: nazgul
Date: 2012-02-17 16:55:55 +0000 (Fri, 17 Feb 2012)
Log Message:

Windows 32bit: Reverting to openal from creative because own builds doesn’t deal with 3D sound.
Hopefully it wouldn’t lead to crashes caused by ffmpeg+openal (for resolving which
libraries were updated to openal-soft).

Modified Paths:


Added Paths:


And if you need the fix right away so you can use the latest Blender revisions, you can download this build from graphicall (one of the last Windows builds before the Bmesh merge)

I checked three different projects with this build and the sounds look to play okay to me (even when testing a sound in the default scene) , 3D sound appears to work too.

I did have one crash on stopping one of the games though, but it seems to be a very infrequent occurrence and may not even be related to the issue mentioned in this thread.

Anyway, if you read the release thread in the news forum you’ll find that this does not just affect the GE.

Hi All!

I got the same problem with sound - plays left channel only.

My solution was the following:
Go to user pref. -> System -> Sound change OpenAL to SDL.
It works fine now.


Blender fixes it (build on graphicall)