Sound and movement on different objects


I want to know how can I get a sound to play once the FP passes on an object.

I also have wood as an integer on the FP. It isn’t working.


Maybe with a property.

Hmm, I used the example I have there from a clip which displayed a sound being made once it collided with another object. It worked for that example, I imagine it would be the same for what I’ve done. ‘Borncg’ is the youtube user.

I just tried that, add or toggle, no change on that.

maybe something like this.

The sound doesn’t work for me on that example file. Of course that is a python code example.

I had tried ‘borncg’ channel, there is a sound clip on colliding with a coin using bricks. I tried that exact same setup with an FP cube on touching surface objects, and nothing.

What is an FP?

First person. The cube touches the floor, but no sound?

If collision sensor won’t work maybe you could do a near sensor? you could do “near----and----sound” on player. Add a game property(floor_sound) on your floor object. Place the same property on your near sensor that’s on your player. Make sure actor is checked on your floor object under physics.Just an idea.

Just for fun I played with collision and it does work if he’s “colliding” with floor. If you want to test make a plane and a cube. Set physics for the cube as character and plane as static. Make sure cube is setting above plane(floor). Give player a game property(player). Add a “collision----and----sound” on plane and add game property “player” to property on collision sensor. Hit play should make sound. One thing you could do is make a invisible plane above the floor that player could collide with and activate your sound.