hey guys simple question, im doing an entry for the 10 scond club how do you make your soundbite play in your final render im guessing i need editing software but wherte would i get it from?

i have it matched upo in the sequencer and it plays in blender but not obviously in the final output…

I’m thinking that you need a movie editor. I think some of the latest versions of Windows come with a simple one, Movie Maker.

Personally, I picked up MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, which does the job very nicely.

Not this month, but I have decided to use Blender to make entries for the 10 second club, let me know when yours is posted so I can take a look,

Good luck!!


VirtualDub is well suited for this task. Win32 only.


Unfortunately VirtualDub won’t work for the 10 second club, because of the following rule,

" Please submit ONLY MPEG1 animations at 320x240 "


Then you can probably try TMPEGEnc (sorry, no URL). The demo version can do mpeg-2 for 2 weeks and mpeg-1 forever. I’m pretty sure it support multiplexing.


You can use also DDClipFree, a free version of the complete program. It has a channel for the video plus 4 channels for the audio. I don’t have the link here.