Sound baked animation tests

Late last year I started to test out baking music to F-Curves.
The first link below is a collection of short synesthesia style music visualisations. I really made a lot of progress learning different modifiers in Blender. Figuring out what sounds should look like and how to visualise musical instruments is fascinating. Something I’m hoping to develop more this year and hopefully into VR.

Adding some Synesthesia visualisation styles to a Clams Casino tune worked out really well.

Any suggestions about technique and add-ons are very welcome I’m still learning the basics.



This test one I created in Cycles how difficult would it be to convert into the Game engine as a VR project?
It’s something I am researching in my spare time at the moment and am not sure where to start. Doing something for Youtube ‘Video VR’ doesn’t seem to difficult to achieve. But what do you think is the next step i relation to getting something ported into a VR device?
Yellow Mass

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Dope chan, criminally underviewed stuff. Wondering Skull4 and others with those glass effects are nice. Browsing the rest you’ve a good eye for design and palettes. You’re learning the basics huh? Teach us some things, please. Document or stream sometime.

If not a 360 stereo video it seems you want a 3d scene you can WASD through? If viewers can only rotate their view from a fixed point then prerendered video would be the easiest to do. Else look at instancing, what lighting and anims you can bake, light and or environment probes. What engines work with your target devices, etc. Try Eevee in Blender 2.8, Godot, Unity, UE4, Cryengine for example.

Hope to see more.

Thanks, Lobo!

Some interesting things to look into. I have only just started to upload stuff to Youtube and Vimeo. I will try a Stereo video soon.
Doing something with WASD sounds a bit above my skills atm. Hopefully, i will do some collaborative projects with people who can use the game platforms you have listed. Im not even sure what type of kit is best to buy to try out Stereo video. Any suggestions?

I definitely will try to expand animations like this called ‘Wondering’ into 360.

Hi Chris.

If you have or can borrow a 1920x1080 or better Android I think a cardboard headset is the first port of call. Minimal outlay to get the gist of how things look in that and pricier setups. These vids might interest.

from 5:50 onwards details rendering stereo spherical videos for youtube.

Cardboard viewer options / apps for such videos.

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Moby motions vids are very helpful, I hadn’t seen that one thanks, i will definitely work my way through that tutorial sometime.
Blenderartists site seem to go down for me so couldn’t post on it today.

Google are planning on bringing out an all in one headset later this year, I think I will wait for that to come out before I try 360 video or VR experiments. Instancing is something i haven’t looked at and really need to by the looks of things.

Here’s Pebble a short sound animation.

Really nice work here, I like what you have done with Bake To Fcurve. I wonder if you have tried using Animation Nodes to do these animations, if not take a look at the Sound Bake options in AN, also if you are interested in using MIDI as well, I have written some Nodes to integrate MIDI. There are some examples on my YouTube, or I have a sound WIP in here, maybe a few pages back by now, that charted my progress from sound bake to MIDI. Anyway if you are interested you can find My-An-Nodes add on to AN on Github, you can get there easily through my new and only partially complete website, all linked in my signature.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks Clockmender

For some reason I cant get AN to work on my computer. It did for a while but it stopped working for me.
What you are doing looks really interesting I will look forward to seeing more of you’re work in the future.

I guess you could use a midi input and a live engine to create real-time graphics is that something you have done?

You need the official release of Blender 2.79, (not daily builds) and the official release of AN, i.e. v2.0. then it should be fine…

I know someone is working on integrating MIDI with Sonic Pi to get live view from a MIDI device, not sure how well it is going. I have not tried this myself, I always render to video, so it is not really interesting to me.

Keep up the good work, I now intend to make a serious animation to some music now that I have sorted all the new nodes I need, or at least I think I have sorted all the nodes I will need…

Cheers, Clock.

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Great, i intend to make a serious music animation this year as well. Maybe approach some of my favourite musicians to see if they are up for a collaboration.

When the Eevee update comes I intend to play around with it and then maybe learn more about the game engine too and try some 360 videos and some live stuff if it’s not too hard to learn.


really cool stuff. I especially like the Peeble. Keep on posting. :slight_smile:

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Love your work, hypnotic and fun!

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Thanks, Carstenj and Gieop.

This is my latest animation using a tune called Black Cloud by Yuka.
Its short but took a long time to render using the networked Blender render farm: which helped a lot.
I’m having no end of fun visualising electronic music in a synesthesia imagined style.
Any tips or suggestions welcome.

This short test animates a track by Klimek called “For Steven Spielberg & Azza El-Hassan” The ‘negative’ space or silences in this piece are really fun to animate, I think the minimal white fits the music. Soon I will get in contact with a few musicians to do a collaborative project or two. If any musicians/labels are interested do get in contact.

Wish I had the time to do a higher res version at full length.

Nice work! i like it.

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This new one is a 360 test animation in 4k. Definitely going to be working on more hi-res VR animations in the future. They take a long long time to render.
If anyone does view this through various VR googles do let me know which ones and what you think of it? Enjoy!

You can move around and look with the cursor.
Tune: Detektiv Plok by Brothomstates.


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Very nice work, I shall keep watching what you do here!

Cheers, Clock.

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Experimenting in sound visualisation of music in Blender 3D. It took two days to render about one minute of animation. I think I need a new computer.

Music: Nebula by Skeptical


Mesmerizing stuff. Really pretty. I love it :slight_smile:

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