SOUND BLEND - free sound library for Blender users!

Hi All,

I’m working on SOUND BLEND - free sound library for video game creators. Being a big fan of Blender, I’m creating this project mostly for a Blender users, but of course, these sounds can be useful for everyone, who is involved in games and film production. You’re free to use these sounds for your non-commercial and commercial projects.

There are more than 200 sounds in the Library already and it grows.
All the sounds are WAV / 16 bit / 44100 / Stereo


Julian Ray

thanks, are you going to expand for environmental/ folley sounds?

+2, as I extend both the thanks!!! and the question. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this!

You’re welcome.
As I’m not record sounds alive, I most probably will not have Foley sounds in that library.
But I will add ambient and atmospheric sounds what can be used as an environmental sounds.

You’re welcome.
Well, I am going to add “Ambient Sounds” category soon. So, I’m sure there will be sounds useful for making environment alive :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

lol, Julian - not satisfied with making most of the patches for Harmor, you have to make a preset pack for Blender too XD

Very cool !

LOL, I have a lot to say :slight_smile:
Thanks and glad to meet you here, by the way!

Just added a short video demo.

Cheers :slight_smile:

10 new sounds were added to AI (Artificial Intelligence) category…
If you’d like to suggest some verbal expressions for this category - let me know.