Sound Converter

does anyone know of a sound converter becuase i am trying to make a movie but im trying to insert a sound file that is a .wav but it is a unvalid sample

MusicMatch Jukebox will convert it to mp3. Have you tried using it in Windows Movie Maker? That is if your using Windows.

How big a file is it? If it’s not too big, post a link here and I can try to convert it for you.

The standard Sound Recorder program for Windows typically saves files as Blender-valid .wav’s, but you may have to do some tweaking.
is the link and what do u use? and what do u mean tweaking?

i mean that is the link
Toomai:what do u mean tweaking?

best sound converter is including in Windows Media player 10 , thats a free download at Windowsupdate page. take a look at the help files on it at microsoft website.

also you may wish to goto and check out the free download options there.

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned audacity.

All you have to do is look a the settings of sounds that do work in blender, and then re-save your files with those settings in audacity.

By tweaking, I mean trying different things and see what works and what doesn’t.


Here is a link to the file after I got done with it. What I did was take a original Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder .mp3 format file and ran it through some editing software that I have (just because noone mentions Audacity doesn’t mean they don’t use it. :wink: ) and converted it over to .wav format. I wasn’t sure if you were going for the crappy sounding original format that you had in the link you provided, but here is what I came up with. It’s a trade off between sounding good (large file size) and sounding crappy (small file size). 4mb’s isn’t bad for what I came up with.

Thanks figuring out