Sound Design ??

Hi everyone… I´m currently on the lookout for a dandy litle anim short to do sound design on for a my final project at VFS ( Vancouver Film School)
My final is due in april 2008,
I do music scoring too, that has bin my main thing for years…scoring for tv and movies, so if anyone is interrested please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]
final mix 5,1 dolby surround mix and LTRT and it´s FREE

this is what i did for my term 3 project… Music and EFX, sorry, the fields go bit wild in the middle… but you get the idea…

please contact me if u have anything or perhaps know of anything…


Well… it might be hard to find a new project that’s still being made.

you can always redo elephants dream… it’s open source!
Feel free to do something funky to the petunia animation you can find at the bottom of this page as well: