Sound Desk

Ok, I’ve commented every so often, now I’m taking the leap and posting for my fellow Blenderers to lambast. :o Partly because I never had anywhere to post that allowed direct linking.

I figured that since I was quite familiar with Blender, I could use it to create the design for a sound system desk for my church. And so I might as well do a render as well… :smiley:

This is definitely a WIP and will likely never be “finished” - even after the sound desk is built :slight_smile: Not to mention, I got plans for the console desk unit from the sound contractor and I’m going to have to alter it do be “accurate” :wink:

I’ve posted it already on my Renderosity gallery (I don’t think I can direct link there), but I don’t want to put it into the “finished” section here. ( if anyone is interested).

So, on to the show… (hopefully the link works!)…

Looks good as an image. I enjoy the shadows quite a bit, and the compressed wood textures are nice. I can’t really tell what the thing in the bottom left is; is it a roadcase top? Since you’ve decided that it’s going to be subserviant to the actual desk, I’ll attempt to give you comments on that instead. I’d put either a flat space of desk near your board or build in some sort of stand like they have on a piano, so that you can follow along in your cue list/script more easily. I assume that the bookshelf to the left will house most of your manuals, but where’re you going to put your cables, mics, barrels, etc? I greatly approve of the snake lights above the board and laptop. I also suggest extending your board’s space a little bit more and making a perminant housing for the snake connectors in the back to protect them and keep them fully out of the way. Also, do you look over your board at what you’re mixing, or do you have to turn? From your render it looks like you can’t see over that wall. Finally I’d run a small cable tray in the back under the desk to keep everything with proper strain relief and neat.

Out of personal curiosity, what kind of setup (equipment wise) do you have?

I hope that was semi-useful, or atleast vaguely intresting to read.

the sound booth at our church is very similar to that.

that’s lookin good but i don’t understand the box thing in the front of the picture.

Looks like that box is confusing! Yes, it’s supposed to be a road case type lid - something relatively “secure” at least. Probably just going to make it out of sturdy wood.
The console desk the contractors gave me looks good, its about a foot wider to gives us more deskspace for cue lists, scripts etc. Good call Ouroboros :slight_smile: They also suggested not using the shelf but a rack for the tapes, recording equipment, wireless receivers, etc. Manuals, mics, spare cables, etc will be stored elsewhere at the moment (maybe not the mixer manual yet!) until we get a chance to rip out the wall behind us (it will be at the back wall, right now its all up under the eaves, half-hidden behind a chandeleir, with a 2 foot sliding glass window. ARG! I finally convinced them to move it down to the floor, but that means we will HAD to put in a decent alarm system - finally. Too many punks in the area, but we had nothing worth stealing before! (Old old 70V system - and it died now!)
Good point about the lights - you can’t tell because it is the same texture as the desks, but the desks aren’t against the wall. There is a false wall there for wiring, etc, and I was hoping to wall-mount the lamps.

Equipment-wise… its a “plan” :slight_smile: Right now we have an old 500mhz Compaq for digital recording, a VERY VERY old Sony tape deck for recording - doesn’t even playback any more. But the contractor is bringing in a new crown amp, dsp unit, Spirit lx7 mixer, EAW central speaker and the like. Eventually a laptop and projector.
Hopefully we can get the booth built really soon as they are expecting the speaker any day.

Thanks for the comments!