Sound Editing/Synthesis Programs?


Does anyone know of any GOOD cross-platform sound editors, and also sound SYNTHESIS programs?

I have Audacity, but I’m not sure it can do what I want it to do…

I’m making a star wars fanfilm with some friends and I think the hardest part is going to the sound editing, just because there aren’t a whole lot of resources available and it’s just a very nebulous thing to begin with.

What I was thinking of doing was eliminating the sound from our movie entirely, and going back and re-recording the dialog.

Can Blender do this?

Also, can I add sound FX with Blender?

Know of another cross platform sound editor/synthesizer?



why it have to be cross platform? like i know a lot but most of them are for linux, not all, but some that i found usefull are rezound which does almost the same job as audacity only better imho, ardour for audio recording, in fact a digital studio but i use it mainly to record audio and sync with video using the plugin xjadeo which is a very good thing cause blender cant do it very well yet i think, these are for sound treating and recording, another usefull resource is
which has a lot of samples.

on the generation side for windows you will like to mess with puredata also known as pd, is a clone of max/msp only better cause is open source, there is csound but i dont know if it works for windows, and a whole lot more, one of the main point for me to switch entirely to linux is it sound synthesis side, jack do you know where is jack? is wonderfull, you can connect everything together and make a mess :).

Preferably cross-platform because Windows is still my main OS.

Hollywood does this all the time. It’s called ADR, or Automatic Dialog Replacement. (Don’t ask me what’s automatic about it.)

While not totally cross platform yet… energyXT is strong on Windows and is being developed for Linux. There is some info on their forums about getting some VST’s working on Linux. eXT isn’t free or open source but, it’s not very expensive and the program rocks.

Maybe something here you can use?

Thanks guys!

I suppose if we get desperate enough we might just buy that energyXT.

Great link pixelmass!

I use Magix Sudio Pro, which includes the Midi and the Audio. For about $100 you get EVERYTHING, including sound synth that uses real digital samples, take recording direct from your keyboard, etc. The audio studio has every effect known and processors a ton. Mutlit-track, supports every format, excellent database for remembering where all the samples are, great and easy visual interface. Highly recommended, and it can add the sound track to a video (so I dont have to use Virtual Dub). I just render out in Blender, crank Magix to add the sound track, and I’m done.

Plus it has sample libraries of music clips (listen to my Dance song here: done by arranging clips (I was working on my musical arrangement skills and did not record anything (WARNING: Industrial Grunge genre, do not listen to if on any kind of heart medication) and Trepidation here: created for a movie. They are out of Germany.

This one, VioLet Composer, just popped up on one of my news feeds. Haven’t tried it but it says something about Linux support and has a Windows version.

my advice would be to record any of the sounds you need, and place them on the movie with whatever program your using. for those sounds you can’t record (lasers I’m guessing), I would use FruityLoops. It’s what I use. You can create any hear-able sound with it, I’m serious. You just gotta know what your doin’. As for a laser, it would be tricky, but it could be done.

The above sites, though, will be just fine.

Reason 3.0

worth the money or there are other ways to get it… definitely the best for what you want, though no video playback. great synths and easy to use.I would sync the audio with soundtrack and Final Cut if I were you