Sound Effects

Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to add sound effects to an animaton?

it doesn’t explain how to i “insert” the music file into blender…

It does. Like any other sequence strip.

If you need a basic sequencer tutorial, look for one on google :slight_smile:

ok, thank you

i can’t find a good ‘sequencer’ tut…

it’s pretty simple stuff.

use shift-A (or in new gui there is “add” menu) to add new movie, or sound clip, or effect to a timeline. also, you can add “images”. they can be single image… or a whole movie rendered in separate frame files.

use right-mouse-button (as usual) to select objects. in sound and movie strips, you can also select from the start and end of the strip (those little triangle marks) to adjust the start and end frames to display (you should see frame number next to the clip when the end is selected)… if you click on the middle, whole strip will be selected.

g is used for grabbing, like in 3d views… use that to move clips. or, adjust their start and stop frames… if you have single image, you can streach it to show in more than one frame… (select the end of the clip and stretch)

shift-D can be used to duplicate strips.

if you want to have effect, like fade between two clips, select both, and hit shift-A and select gammaCross, or whatever you need…

x works for deleting selected object.

n can be used to give some parameters for objects…

stack your movie clips starting from top, and coming down…
add effects (fades, plugins…) on top of the clips.

alt-a plays the time line.
alt-shift-a plays the timeline and shows the preview … (this actually plays the anim in all open windowes)

left-click on the timeline and move mouse to scrub frames.

if you don’t see effect you were trying to get, try just changing the order (which is above what) of the objects in stack… and… sometimes it helps too if you start your scrubbing on different places of the timeline… for example left click on above all strips, or below all strips. (this may be also a bug somewhere, or, my mistake… but, seems to help sometimes when you know they are right but still nothing shows in preview)

that’s for starters…
you can do lot of nice things in sequencer…