Sound files not working in Blender

I’m currently using Blender 2.49b on Windows Vista Ultimate. I’m working on a small game project and when I went to add sound in I found myself stuck. When I load the sound files they won’t play in the audio sequencer nor will they load in the game engine, the sound module actuator keeps throwing out a “failed to load” warning. The sound files are properly formatted to work with Blender itself, I made sure of that, but I’m getting nothing out of them. If anyone knows of why this might be happening I’d greatly appreciate a response…silent games are not as fun as those with things to hear.

Okay, bit more info. I tested this out on my laptop, exact same version of Blender, exact same OS (from the same install disc), exact same Python install…long story short, on my laptop the sound files work and on my desktop they don’t. I’m not understanding this but I really don’t wanna have to move everything back and forth between my desktop and laptop just to have working sound (even the runtime on the desktop won’t play the sound files).