Sound help!

How do I set my sound to start on a certain frame?

just load it into the sequence editor with shift A, play the sound with alt A, then in sound buttons, set to ‘scrub’. that way you can hear on a frame by frame basis using the arrow keys, where you’re at in your sound track. move the sound strip using the G key. when you want to export the audio track, set to ‘mixdown’. the wav file will appear in your render folder. you might have to press ‘do sequence’ too. can’t remember. it’s in the docs somewhere though.

umm… I just need it in a small animation I am making and it’s a WAV file. I put it in the audio timeline… can’t I arrange which frame it starts in from there? :expressionless:

i think the audio sequencer is for the game engine. you’ll want to put it in the video sequencer.

tried but it tells me sequencer won’t let me load up a WAV file it says just 18bit… :frowning:

format needs to be 16 bit mono.

where can I get soundFX in that format.

no need to start off in that format. just download a copy of audacity or another sound editing program and convert it. what do you need btw? i may have the sound effect your looking for. if so i’ll put it up for you in the correct format.

An alarm and machinary. Thanks alot for all the help. :slight_smile: One more question tough… when I’m in IPO menu and I try to decrease the speed of a path whtn I put the speed line lower the object always goes backards…I want it to sit still for a certain time.

i may have something by way of machinery,…what sort did you have in mind? like a factory?

yeah…along that way.

Ok I downloaded the program and inserted my song in it. How would I change the format?

ctrl P will give you the preferences dialogue. or you can access it through file>>preferences. there you can change the format to 16 bit mono and then >> export as .wav in the file menu. audacity is a multi tracker btw, so you can mix in other sounds as you like.


no problemo. hope it works out for you. if you run into any more roadblocks, just ask again.

Ok… I took that to heart! lol :smiley: 2 new problems have rised and I guess I have to take it to the pro…

  1. I did the sound thing with Audacity and put the sound on frame 108 in the sequencer to match the anim. After the render … nothing I could not hear anithing. Do I have to do anithing else than just place it there?

  2. Can you please give me a step by step tut on how to save an anim? Someone told me to do somehting to the TMP or something like that but I really suck at computing…

Here is a taste of what the anim will look like. 8) Thanks for all the help so far. :slight_smile:

if you put the sound in your video sequencer, it should play when you hit alt A. if it’s not playing, i guess you could check your sound buttons, and make sure the levels are up etc. your scene looks great. to save what you have in the video sequencer ( the video part of it anyway, sound gets saved a bit differently ) just set the frames like you would when you go to animate something, then where it gives the file format, you’ll probably want to switch it to ‘avi codec’ and select a compression format like divX or cinepak codec. if you are going to continue processing it, though, select avi raw. high quality, large file size. then, just press the ‘do sequence’ button, and then the ‘animate’ button. the output will appear in your render folder. to save the sound, go into audio buttons, and click on ‘mixdown’. the .wav file will appear in your render folder also, then, download a copy of ‘virtualdub’, load your video file, and then from one of the menus on the top, choose ‘append wav audio’ and browse for your .wav file you made in blender. it will merge the two, and you can also select the codec for the output.

The sound plays when I hit alt-a but after all the frames are animated and I PLAY it it does not have any audio. And I only want to save the animation from the render window not the sequencer. I guess I could add the sound some other way like windows movie maker but what I want is to save the video I have just rendered.

blender won’t merge the audio with the video,…mixdown simply orients your audio to it’s proper position, and combines it into a single file. you then have to use another app to merge the audio and video. as for saving a simple anim, just set the file format ( if you want a folder full of image files, use png, jpg, or the like, but if you want it to be one file, you have to use .avi format, or quicktime.) to save your anim, just hit animate, so you have the image sequence or .avi rendered, then go into your render folder ( should be within the folder that blender is in, probably C:/Program files/Blender Foundation/Blender/render/tmp ) but, if you want it to render to, say, your ‘my videos’ folder, just browse for the output folder from your render buttons window ( the default window ) . it’s over on the left by the backbuffer. right under the heading that says ‘output’.

Ok thanks…but I now have it on my desktop and just playd it in qucktime. But it’s really fast nothing unlike the version it shows in blender. It’s too fast after it’s saved.