sound in games...

(TomorrowMan) #1

hey guys! Im currently producing my first commercial game with blender, and im almost done with it, all i need to do is a few more finishing touches,
compose it all together under one file, and import the soundFX, and music…but im at a delema with the sound…first of all, is there a way to import .mp3 with blender 2.23, or 2.25, i think you can with python, can someone out there PLEASE give me a script that enables this!? Secondly,
where can i find a free .wav to .mp3 converter? And lastly, say if i use songs of well known, modern bands/artists on my game…do i have to ask the certain band/artist for permission first, or can i just go ahead and put it on there, as long a i recognize them in the credits(im selling the game, not giving it away)…thanks for the help! :slight_smile: , i should be done with the game(Appocolypse) in mid december…and its commercial debut should be on Dec.31, at