Sound in Publisher versions

(guru202) #1

Is audio supported in the Publisher for OSX?

Secondly, is audio supported in Linux Publisher?

(kEinStein) #2
  1. I don’t know.
  2. Yes, it is. But I’ve got some weird problems with it (It’s pretty noisy) - not only with Blender, but also with the game ports by Loki. Probably an incompatibility between the ALSA drivers for my soundcard and OpenAL or something…

(inka) #3

Maybe this topic is for me too. I use Blender under Linux, but looking in sound buttons, I can’t find any button. :-? Until now, it wasn’t too important, but nevertheless I would like to test sound. Running Poobas roller game the sound buttons appeared.

Thanx, Ingo

(saluk) #4

There wont be anything under the sound buttons until you put sounds in. On the top bar when your in sound buttons, there is a little square button with a white dash. You can use this to open a new sound file.

(inka) #5

Thanks, this is quite easy, but it seems I sometimes need a little hint. :-?