Sound in Sequence Editor?

(Rob) #1

Is it possible to add sound to avi files, in the sequence editor?
If so how? I tried it with a wav and avi file in Windoz, and UNIX and could not get it to work. The same wav flle will read in as a sound OK, just not into the sequence editor.

Big thanks for any help,


(ilac) #2

Sorry Rob, not possible so far. You have to do this externally(virtual dub, premier, axagon etc).

It was a feature that was planned for 2.26 before Nan went backrupt. As it is you have to wait a bit longer. I’m quite sure it will be one of the features that will get added to the open source version that should [hopefully] be released soon, seeing that it’s a weak spot in an otherwise great sequence editer! :slight_smile: