Sound in the BGE. Hardware help.

On one of my old low end machines i play a sound in the BGE and it works. I play it on my better machine and it doesn’t. I think it is the hardware (driver). My old one uses sound playback and recording hardware: VIA Audio (WAVE) and it works. My new one: Realtek AC97 Audio. Any help is appreciated. Do I need to get the old hardware on my new one or is there another way. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: What audio drivers work in Blender?

What version of Blender are you using? If you’re using 2.4x, that had a crummy sound system. 2.5x has a much better sound system for the BGE.

2.49… I use the same version on both computers. Will that change anything?

try using 2.5 then if it helps…

That should help. Thanks

I am so unfamiliar with 2.5 i have no idea what to do. It screws up all my scripts and logic bricks too. Is there a way to fix the sound system in 2.4x. If so i would appreciate any help beyond belief. Thanks.

i suppose 2.4x 's audio system can’t be fixed.
imo it is better to use the 2.5x game engine and simply port the scripts to 2.5 python api.
threre are guides to port the 2.4x script to 2.5x. just search for it.

Thanks You saved my butt.

blender 2.49 only supports wave sound files. does that help