Sound is not playing?

Ok, so I have a few files I want to add into my game. They are .wav, so I don’t need any python.

I opened them in blender in the render buttons and clicked ‘Play’ nothing happens… So, now what? I tried doing it the game engine also. What am I doing wrong.

I opened it (.wav files as I said), then used the sound actuator and the space sensor to activate it. Here are my specs:

Linux: Fedora 11 Distro
NVIDIA 7200 GeForce
3GB of memory
Soundcard: NVIDIA (I think I don’t know how to check it)

It’s weird because .wav sounds work on my computer, when I click it directly, but in Blender in doesn’t work…

If you can tell me how I can check the sound card, I’ll be able to tell you my spec for it.

Thanks for the help,

Make sure that the wav file is not compressed.

I’ve had a problem similar to this. Make sure the sound actuator is set to Loop End and not Loop Stop. Or if you just want to play it once, set it to Play End.

Did you move the wav file to a different file, like from Music to Desktop or something? If so just reload it.

no, it’s the simpliest thing you can get :slight_smile: Just got the music file, opened it in blender and it doesn’t play. I haven’t done anything. :confused: How can I check if the .wav file in not compressed?

Ok, I’m going to bump it up again… I check the .wav files and they are not compressed. So, is it something in Blender? I don’t think so. Because it works with everybody else right? So still, any more ideas?

Thanks for the support guys,

Edit: I looked in the Blender Console and it says:

WARNING: Sound actuator "act" from object "Cube.001" failed to load sample.

If I’m ever unsure whether a .wav is compressed or not, I just open it in Audacity and export it as an uncompressed .wav. That way I’m certain it’s not compressed. It shouldn’t take long and it’s the best way to be sure. Just make sure that Audacity is set to export it without any sort of compression.


Thanks, but I checked the file and it’s un-compressed… Maybe it is? I’ll try with Audacity, it’s really cool!

But for now, I’ll have to add sound in windows :confused:

Thanks for the help, but still looking for any ideas,

The sound system in 2.49 sucks. 2.5 has a much improved sound system that isn’t nearly as finicky. So, this problem will probably go away on it’s own soon if you switch to 2.5 when it releases. :wink:

That is, if you like playing with “experimental” releases. :slight_smile:

Will 2.5 have native mp3 and ogg support?

Ok, then I guess for now, I’ll have to make my sounds on windows :(, I have way to much stuff taking up my ram in windows… I better start cleaning… lol

Glad to hear that a lot of things are going to be fixed in 2.5!

fyi, If you didn’t know, I have windows and linux on a dual boot :smiley:

Do you think 2.5 will have support for mp3 and ogg? I dont really like the idea of using pygame just to play smaller music files…(sometimes the music doesn’t play in pygame…I don’t know why)

As far as I know, mp3 and ogg are supported.

mp3 is supported. I tried it out on a build not long ago, didn’t try out ogg though.

 Cool, I use Audacity too, I thought I was the only one.